Blog Mastermind Is Here & My Action Bonuses For You


Yaro has been working hard behind the scenes for the big launch day for Blog Mastermind.

NOTE: Yaro is offering 3 Action Bonuses for the first 100 people to join!

Today at 10AM EST, you will have an opportunity to join his program and put his teachings into action. It’s not easy putting together a big launch like this as I know I’ve gone through the process myself.

Over a rather short period of time I wanted to share with you some things that I’d like to do with my own blogs, and the first thing that will change is going to have to be my opt-in box.

Of course, I would love to also increase my readership at my scrapbook blogs as well. Hopefully my experience will also help you look into your own website to see what you could make better for your business.

If you missed the recent posts, I discussed Yaro’s Conversion Blogging Video, and an inside look into how he makes money with his blog.

Getting Ready To Start The Blog Mastermind Program

As I type this I’m also preparing myself to take the Blog Mastermind Course. I’ve taken several courses in this industry and am very proud of all that I have learned to apply to my business.

The one thing I’d like to get across is taking ACTION on what you learn. So I’ve decided to offer you a bonus if you choose to purchase through this link. I know by taking this course that I will make more money with my blog because I fully plan on taking action on everything that I’ve learned.

(Can you tell I love the word Action?) 🙂

A Take Action Bonus For The Whole Process

I know that there are many things we need to do to run our business, but if there is something like this course that will help us move our blogs forward creating traffic to our sites, a relationship with our subscribers, and make more money with our customers then I opt to go ahead and take this course.

If you would like to join me in this journey with Yaro, I will set up a private area inside my business management system for you to share your thoughts on the program and what you need to apply to your blog.

Also monthly I will share my plans with you and my experience with the program, along with the success of it all. I’m really looking forward to meeting you and bringing you into my private online world.

A Monthly Audio

For myself, I also love to learn with audio. So each month I will prepare an audio for you on my own thoughts of the program, what I’ve learned, what I’m applying and how to make the most out of the teachings. It will be a great experience and it will also help me sort out what I’ll be planning from the lessons. We’ll have discussion about opt-in rates, increasing our subscriptions, different things to tweak, and following the path laid out for us.

Claim Your Bonus

After ordering the program send me an email to smallbusinessbranding @ with your payment receipt. Once I have confirmed your payment, I will set you up in my business management system right away. We will get started covering the program right away.


I’d like to see more business owners follow the lead of Yaro to improve their blog presence, to understand the reasons behind why we should choose WordPress as the best blog platform to use (I will be covering this topic very soon), to understand why we should have effective copy near our opt-in boxes, and the benefits of applying this system into our business.


Yaro has some cool bonuses also for the first 100 people who take action and grab the Blog Mastermind Program. So you’ll want to jump on this right away!

I’m really looking forward to digging into all of this, and by the audios I’ve received from Yaro previously, I trust that this is an excellent program. So far, the audios I’ve heard have given me a clear focus on what I need to implement to my blogs.

Click Here to Claim The Blog Mastermind Program

Thank you for ordering and I look forward to sharing this new journey with you. 🙂


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    Good Course.It covers you lot of parts like how to run a small business and how to survive and get a good revenue from internet and how to market our website and how to make it popular among others…..which is very much usefull…

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