Blog Mastermind Review – Success!

Looks like some people are having some great success with the Blog Mastermind Program, I figured as much. I hate to say that I have not been applying anything yet from the program. The problem is that I’m working on other courses and applying those as well. But for now, I’m putting all programs on hold except for the Blog Mastermind Program.

The problem is when you try and focus on too many things on top of running a business it just becomes too much and you have too many things in the air. It’s due time for me to buckle up and sit down to apply what I’ve learned at Blog Mastermind.

First let me say that I’ve only followed the first 4 lessons to the program. Mostly alot of it is setting a good foundation, installing the proper plugins that Yaro suggests, permalink structure and more. Most of which is already set up here at SBB so there’s not much to do, just to compare my list of plugins to Yaro’s.

I’m half way through Lesson 4 and will report when I’ve made some more changes to what I’m doing. I just wanted to bring your attention to some success..

1) My success in that I’m actually applying what I’m learning now and putting all other programs on hold until I master this one.

2) Check out the success of Yaro’s student Leigh. He did an interview with her on his blog where you can listen to her story of going from 20.00 a month to $4500.00 in one month! And it was mostly just following Yaro’s step by step format. I took some notes on the audio for you to take a look at before listening.


Leigh went from 200-300 RSS readers up to 5000-6000 RSS readers. She averages in the high 3000-4000 readers each day.  Inside this interview she talks about what techniques she used.

1) Commenting & Questions – Instead of just blasting out information, she started commenting and asking questions from her readers. She would also leave her blog posts open ended with questions like, “What do you think?” “Am I right of Wrong?”  In the beginning she didn’t see that this would be important and she realizes now they were coming to her site because of her, for her.  Once she started getting feedback, she realized she kept people at her blog reading more because of her follow up.

2) Networking – Leigh brought people to her blog by talking and networking with others in the industry. She said that interviews played a big role, giving away free stuff, and giving them what they want… free information.  She started making videos, and doing critiques for her readers. She also said that it’s pretty easy to get people to interview, naturally most people do want to talk about themselves or their business.

3) Other Sites
– She also had others with a larger audience add her to their blogrolls and forums.

4) Connected With Her Readers – She asked her subscribers what they wanted, she made a blog post and asked them what they wanted. She says that if you want an audience you have to cater to them.

5) Making Friends – Get someone with a much larger audience to help her out. She says to have them see you for who you are and let them tell the world about you. You must have confidence in presenting yourself to others.

6) Above the Fold – On her site above the fold she has her subscribers email list and her ebook for purchase. She makes the most money from her ebook and has not looked into advertising on her site yet.

7) My Take – I found this interview very enjoyable to listen to, mostly because it was “to the point” and not alot of blah blah to it. It was a very focused interview and it prompted me to not only get my butt in gear, but to write a post for you today. 🙂


I’ve got it planned out in my project management to make sure all plugins that Yaro suggest we have listed will get loaded into my blog here. All focus for this course will be on the site here at Small Business Branding.

I will not focus on any new products etc, and will focus only on quality content. Period. I do have a couple of sites that are set to release, but one is a complete rebrand of an old site, and the other is an event that I’ll launch probably next year.

I will continue to report on my progress here at SBB and hopefully will have some great success following Yaro’s suggestions for a great blog! Won’t you join the journey with me?

Vera Raposo

Vera Raposo has been an entrepreneur since age 22, owning 5 retail store locations.
In 2007, she closed and sold all locations to pursue her online business.Now she's living out an entrepreneurs dream having successfully turned business into a venture that's completely online.

You can reach her at


  1. Diana L Guerrero says:

    I am still implementing the Blog Mastermind and talk about it. My project changed twice before I began to focus on my current project.

    My ranking (according to Alexa) raised from over 1,700,000 to under 350,000 and is still climbing.

    Although my traffic didn’t see the huge increase it is rising and at least 600 people per day. I really learned a lot through the program and wrote my assessment and review on the program.

    It is exceptional for the price.

  2. Hi Diana, thanks for posting. Yes, it’s well worth the price of it, he shares alot of insight into developing a great blog and have one that has a steady income for you. Glad to see you have some success as well.

  3. Melissa Ingold says:


    Great post. I love to read and hear about successful programs and then to also be able to see someones success is even better.

    I love that you post what you are working on, that way it keeps you on track. Thanks.