20 Outsourceable Tasks for Small Business Owners

There are tons of things you can outsource in your business and every business is unique. Here’s a starter list of 20 common tasks outsourced by small business owners, just like you.

1. Article Writing
2. Blog Post Writing
3. Article Submission
4. PLR Rewriting
5. Newsletter Creation
6. Affiliate Management
7. Website Creation & Maintenance
8. Blog Installation & Customization
9. Customer Service
10. Video Creation
11. Adding Content to Your Website
12. Project Management
13. Accounting/Bookkeeping
14. Graphic Design
15. Search Engine Optimization
16. Tax Preparation & Filing
17. Press Release Writing & Submission
18. Advertising
19. Cleaning (Office or Home)
20. Training of Employees/Assistants

While the majority of my list works for online businesses, there are several that will work for those who run a brick and mortar business as well (because you do have a website, don’t you?!).

Take the time to make your own list starting with all the tasks you do in a given day, week or month. Make a check by those items that you hate doing, could be better done by someone else or you can get done cost-effectively by someone else. Then start handing those tasks to someone else.

Alice Seba

Alice Seba earns a full-time online income as an entrepreneur and loves to help others achieve the same. With a focus onusing content to create relationships, loyalty and results from the written word, she co-owns both a ghostwriting service and a private label content business. To get more tips for your content marketing, visit Contentrix.com - your free resource with plenty of tips and strategies.


  1. Niall Harbison says:

    Mut say that I am a big fan of writing all my own blogs for business as I just feel that it comes accross much better than having it written by somebody else. The persoanl touch

  2. What a great article to show businesses how effective and useful outsourcing can be. Many of the areas you list are things that I handle on a day to day basis for my clients and I think with the advances in technology outsourcing what used to be common place work place administration will be come more commonplace. If I have any new clients come to me I always ask them to complete a grid chart containing the things they want to a) do more of b) stop doing completely c) would consider passing to outsource and this is a great way to start.

  3. I just jumped on the outsource bandwagon and what a life saver, when you have several sites you just cannot do it all!

  4. Jared O'Toole says:

    I can’t wait to outsource everything on the technical side. I think it is a good idea to outsource things you aren’t good at. Let the pros handle it and focus on your strengths. By doing that you will save a lot of grief and the gains you make by focusing on your strengths will more then outweigh the costs of outsourcing.

  5. This is a good list. While there are a few things on here I wouldn’t dream of outsourcing (e.g. blogging) because it’s so important to my brand; looking at some of the others will free up my time to focus on the ones that really need to be done by me.


  6. Therese Prentice says:

    Hi Alice,

    I became so hooked on outsourcing that I started a service to support Speakers, Coaches, Authors, Direct Sales Leaders with all of their internet marketing and branding needs.

    Outsourcing truly saves time, money and migraine headaches!!

    Therese Prentice