It’s My Birthday & We’re Gonna Party!

Ok so maybe we won’t throw a huge bash or anything and I wasn’t even going to share about my Birthday today because of other pressing issues, but here we are. It’s January 5th and it’s my Birthday. I dub myself officially “older.” It also marks 14 years in business.

I still have insecurities about my choices, but do know that most decisions that I make are very quick and then I get them done. I’ll have another post all about my business and certain choices that I’m making so watch for that.  That’s a whole post just on it’s own.

If you remember recently I had a Christmas Gift, I think you may be able to still grab a spot if you hurry. I know Nola only had a few left so I’m really not sure at the time of this writing, it may even be all gone.

Getting back to why I’m sharing my Birthday with you today. Once again I opened up my email inbox to find

Happy Birthday Vera

this lovely graphic wishing me a Happy Birthday. But it gets better… I also received from Nola a wonderful gift,

The Classic Creations Image club would like to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all of us! To celebrate, here is your gift:  A $25 Gift Coupon for use towards anything we offer, including our new custom Twitter Backgrounds!

Yahoo!! First off, it’s on my list this year to get my own Custom Twitter Graphic. So I’m thrilled! If you don’t know about me, I LOVE graphics! I don’t create them, but I sure love ‘em. And even this Happy Birthday graphic from Nola was a gift enough for me.

So THANK YOU to Nola and her graphics Team, I’m delighted and it has given me a little lift in my step today.

Now here’s the thing… since I got my Christmas Banner Gift, I haven’t decided exactly what I’d like to do for that and it’s not something that I feel I have space inside my brain for it. So… I’m donating it to the first person who guesses my exact age!

Here are some clues for you….

Clue #1 – I have 3 children ages, 16, 13, and 6

Clue #2 – It’s above, I’ve been in business for 14 years

Clue #3 - I decided it is far too long since I put some make up on, so I got up early today to do myself up nice for my Birthday.

Again, all you have to do is comment here and guess my exact age, the first person who does WINS my free banner. :-)

Good Luck!

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