Time Sensitive: Google Online Marketing Challenge

Google Online Marketing Challenge

I wanted to pop in and let you know about an awesome (time-sensitive) opportunity to get some free advertising and great consulting if you’re in a service based business.

I’ve been approached by one of the marketing students (Rob) from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane, Australia. His class is participating in the 2009 Google Online Marketing Challenge.

What is the Google Online Marketing Challenge?

Google teams up with university professors from all over the world to help their students gain real life, online marketing experience. Unlike in the past when business students were somewhat limited to their local areas if they wanted to gain “hands on business marketing training” today is a whole new ball game. Now, thanks to the Internet, Google and their professors, these students have the ability to put their marketing lessons to work on a world-wide level.

The students are given free AdWords money for online advertising. Each team gets to choose a business they want to work with. Once they’ve chosen their business, they get to put those advertising dollars to use. They’ll help the lucky business owner create and run an effective AdWords campaign from start to finish.

You can read more about the challenge by clicking here. Check out the number of little red bubbles on that map on the page. Those bubbles show how many teams/colleges are participating in this year’s challenge. Amazing!

Rob’s team, along with 24 other teams at his university, are looking for businesses to work with. Each team will help one service based business owner with their advertising efforts by supplying each winner with:

* Free AdWords Credit of $200 USD
* Free Account Setup, Optimization and Research by a group of master students
* Innovative Consulting by a Team of Post Graduate Business students
* The Ability to Test How Effective AdWords is for Building Leads to Their Business.

Sounds good to me! I think it’s great how universities are realizing the potential of the Internet and online marketing. It amazes me to think that when I first started out as a business owner nothing like this existed. I just love watching the growth of online marketing and seeing how far it really can reach.

In order to enter the contest you’ll need to click the link below and fill out this questionnaire. This will keep you from having to divulge all your business info in the comments section. But hurry they are picking their team tonight! :0)

Go Here now to ENTER the Challenge: AdWords Advertising Content

Good Luck!

Vera Raposo

Vera Raposo has been an entrepreneur since age 22, owning 5 retail store locations.
In 2007, she closed and sold all locations to pursue her online business.Now she's living out an entrepreneurs dream having successfully turned business into a venture that's completely online.

You can reach her at veraATclickcreateshare.com.


  1. Great! Most people prefer free services!

  2. Online Marketing Blog says:

    $200 doesn’t go a long way in PPC but the team of students would be worth it. Thanks for the tip/

  3. “The students are given free AdWords money ”
    A nice idea (bribe) from google to influence students to use their products in future work.

  4. This is fascinating and I say finally! I think that there needs to be more focus on online business in business schools, after all the Internet is here to stay and is one of the greatest opportunities for home business.

    Thanks Vera, I hope all is well with your daughter.

  5. Sounds Interesting Thanks!

  6. I’d really love to work for google but the problem is there’s no google establishments or office in our place, and that’s absolutely disappointing..

  7. I think online marketing would be a part of university curriculum very soon.

  8. Tony Alverio says:

    I feel that to have a great converting PPC campaign you must always be split testing and tweaking this way they are competing against each other and you will improve your results.



  9. Great post!

    I also believe that Schools of all kind should start to pay more attention ton Online Marketing and Skills.

  10. This sounds really great! With the continuous worsening of this economy, getting more cheap to free stuff becomes more and more scarce, so finding a good one is a real gem. Thanks for this! 🙂