Blog Challenge: 31 Days To A Better Blog by Darren Rowse

I LOVE challenges, and if I don’t participate, I still love to see the results that people get from what they’ve accomplished.

But I have to say, this is one challenge that I will not miss! If you’re looking to improve your blog then this is the challenge for you.

From: Darren Rowse
Date: April 1st, 2009
Location: Sign Up Here (Already over 5600 people have joined to build a better blog)

Thanks Darren, I’m looking forward to it! 🙂

31 Days to a Better Blog

Vera Raposo

Vera Raposo has been an entrepreneur since age 22, owning 5 retail store locations.
In 2007, she closed and sold all locations to pursue her online business.Now she's living out an entrepreneurs dream having successfully turned business into a venture that's completely online.

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  1. Darren is one of the best bloggers out there on blogging (and twitter, and cameras). I read his blog daily and already have signed up. It will be worth it.

    I had trouble when I checked the link, so if you do too, try: http://http//

  2. Challenging oneself in a very good way of motivating oneself to be better.

  3. Paul O'Connor says

    Call me crazy, but the first link to building a better blog might be … a link that works.

  4. The Blogger Source says

    Should see a lot better blogs if it works.

  5. Gulp…..I’m going to go for it…..


  6. Interesting book, but does it really worth it? OK, 19 USD is not a big sum of money, but simply I wonder if he revealed some good blogging secrets in that book, will they work any more, If there are some SEO tips for blogging will they work or after a month they are going to be banned by google?