What Does Your Website Design Say About You?


Thousands of people struggle to publish a website on the web every day.

Some want to make millions overnight while others want to start a legitimate home based business. Still others want to just find a voice by blogging.

The massive size of the web has made it a playground for the newbies and the experienced alike but with millions of people making up your potential audience, how do you differentiate your website from all the others?

No matter what your purpose is for having a website, you want it to look appealing and welcoming. The visitor needs a reason to stay to read what you have to offer otherwise they are just one more hit in your stats, never to be found again.

One way to get your website published quickly is to use a DIY web page builder or templates. Choose a design, add your copy, and hit the publish button.

You’re officially a webmaster!

But if you do not have an eye for design your page layout might confuse your reader about where they should look first. Or the graphics included in the templates might look unprofessional and not really convey your message to your readers very well.

Confusing a reader should not ever be part of your plan and if you are online to make money, customers need to be assured of your professionalism prior to buying from you. Using a below standard web page builder might just turn away people instead of bringing them closer to making a sale.

I always recommend using Xsitepro web design software to all my coaching students and others who are new to the online world. This one program has helped me grow my business immensely and has certainly paid for itself multiple times over during the years.

This is the king of DIY web builders. Every design and copy element on the page is within your control but the developers have already paid professional web designers to create the hundreds of templates available to use.

The actual layouts are very professional and pleasing to the eye, which will help navigate your reader through your site while also establishing you as an expert in your market.

Xsite Pro is a one-time investment but now business owners are not stuck using a sub par program getting sub par results. Xsite Pro gives you the professional website that you want – and need – to be successful online.

Is it time to take a review of your own website? What does it say about you?


  1. I have not used X-Site software but it is definitely very important to design your site in a way that you think represents you and your objectives. I have seen plenty of badly designed sites that are just too clunky to try browsing through.

  2. Looks are not very important all the time but it is good to have professional looking layout and design of website.

  3. If someone is serious about making money online they need a custom designed site. Your site has to guide the visitor without him/her even know that they are being guided.

    And it needs to be invisible.

  4. I have to say that aesthetics of your website are very important! This is especially true if you have a site that is frequently updated and has dynamic content. If it looks old and dated people will assume it’s stagnant and leave. The look and feel of your site should be modern and consistent with what you do or sell.

  5. I think you don’t know what you don’t know! When starting out you might think something looks great but by the 5th or 6th update you look back to the first design and think “what was I thinking”….

  6. I own a small webdesign firm called Altec Design. We design many websites for small businesses. We have found from experience that a simple design is by far the best way to please visitors. Even if you can make complicated sites, does it really matter if visitors can’t use them?

  7. Yes you can’t stress the importance of a good design enough. If you want to make money you don’t want some ugly, generic website. You want something that is pleasing to the eye and helps generate trust. Your first impression is very important.

  8. When i am designing a website for clients, I build in my own content management system which also incorporates the TinyMCE editor. People seem to be very familiar with it simply because it is just like using word to do stuff. I don’t really like to use design templates for website simply because if i sell my services as a website designer, my cleints expect their website not to look like any one else’s but I can see the real benefit to people who can not afford to hire a website designer.

  9. Design and typography are very important. There are millions of business owners out there right now that dont think their website is that important but I got $100 says it an old school look and he doesnt even no how much traffic hes getting. you take those same people and convience them that a new design is a must and show them results and you canmake a believer out of them.

  10. Business templates for powerpoint says

    Making a professional website template can be difficult to say the least. There’s browser types to consider, colors and a host of other issue only seasoned site builders can be prepared for.

    Then the final clincher, what you like, may not sell at all! How can you be sure the site will even sell its products?

    It’s not as daunting as it may seem even for the complete novice when it comes to building a professional website template that you can use again and again.

    So lets look at some of the keys to getting a good template going so you can make money on your computer at home. A good way to make quick money using website templates is do a Google search for top websites listed in almost any niche or field.

  11. you need a great look to help with conversions…that’s what it’s all about

  12. Its incredibly important to have the right professional doing the right job.

    Creating a successful website takes 3 very different professionals.

    A designer to create a nice looking design
    A developer to code the design and ensure that the site is usable
    A search expert to ensure that your site appears high up in google

  13. Chattaranga says

    When someone asks me about making a site I always tell them the same thing: WORDPRESS. It’s so simple and adaptable to whatever you need unless your doing some enormous project, then just leave it to the pros.

  14. Publishing a website today is very easy. Almost anyone can do it. What’s difficult is getting people to visit the website after it goes online. 🙂