Brand Booster 21 Day 2: Assembling Your Branding TEAM

Brand Booster 21 Day 2: Assembling Your Branding TEAM

Strength in NumbersIt is very important that if you are taking the time and effort to address branding, you assemble a small group that have a stake in your company’s success to play a role in the development of your brand. This way you will get opinion on your prand from different perspectives.

We would suggest assembling a team of first: the company’s leaders. They are the visionaries. Next pick people from sales, as they are on the front line.
From here try to assemble a good cross section from employees. One very important employee would definitely recommend putting on the team are company wrenches. Wrenches are employees who, while being good employees are usually outspoken, natural leaders that the other employees listen to. These are people who take it upon themselves to throw a monkey-wrench into everything. We want them on our branding team. We want them as part of the solution. They will effectively turn from wrench into advocates.

For the branding sessions to follow you will need a few simple accessories in addition to the biggest tool you will use – your Branding Team’s intellect .
Have on hand – large Post-It-Notes®, and a newsprint flip chart and a fresh black Sharpie®. Note pads and pens for the participants to doodle on. Bottled water and a location where you will be uninterrupted. A simple rule to follow would be that attendance is important of course. The only participants that must attend every meeting are the heads of the company. If one is missing, re-schedule. If others are away, you must have enough present for a quorum. Otherwise re-schedule. Book 2 – 3.5 hours per session.

You may decide on having on-hand a record keeper or a voice recorder so that ideas which sometimes fly by, can be retrieved for scrutiny. Sessions move quickly and great ideas have a way of escaping us in the heat of the moment.

Before we begin, the only word of caution is to avoid confrontation, conversation hogging and non-engagment. Keep ideas and conversation lively.

Your Notebook To Do:


Answer the following Questions and put the ACTIONS in your To Do Notebook

  • Who are your company’s leaders?
  • Who is your company wrench?
  • Get your supplies together and have 3.5 hours scheduled.
  • Keep ideas and conversation lively.
  • start brainstorming what you will talk about to keep things on track.


  1. I agree with you Vera. Behind every success is the hardship and efforts you gave to it.

  2. Great perspective on handling the “monkey wrenches”. It shows much maturity and grace to throw one tactfully and constructively.

  3. TIG – at the end of any branding process wrenches are the allies to have. Very powerful.

  4. Branding would definitely keep a business afloat in this time of crisis.Thanks for discussing on how to do it here.

  5. Your welcome Agnes, thanks for joining in.