It’s Not the Idea – It’s What You Do with It

Many people struggle with finding just the right business idea to pursue. The idea IS important, particularly for businesses requiring large investment, but I’d say that it’s what you do with the idea that matters most.

  • Just because you want to open an Italian restaurant and some Italian restaurants can do very well, doesn’t mean your Italian restaurant will be hit.
  • You may want to sell ebooks to homeschoolers because you see other people selling them, but demand doesn’t necessarily equal success.
  • A lot of people use a personal trainer, but deciding to offer your services as one, may not translate into more clients than you can handle.

Not to put a damper on your business plans, of course. The point is, it doesn’t matter what your business does as long as you stand out from the crowd and connect with a healthy supply of target customers.

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But if you’re looking to attract the right kind of people to your offers, differentiate and brand your business.

Now this may start to sound like a basic Business 101 lesson, but you’d be amazed at how many people don’t do this or don’t go far enough with it.

Target Market: It all begins with a deep (really deep) analysis of your target market. Who are they (age, sex, income, career, family status, etc.), but more importantly, what are their beliefs, fears, needs. What makes them tick?

Unique Selling Position (USP): Here’s where people really struggle. They come up with ideas on what makes their business appealing, but not necessarily what makes it unique. In other words: What makes your target market want to come to you, instead of your competitor?

What you discover in those 2 exercises should be a part of every aspect of your business from your products and service to your sales copy and communications.

After all, we can all set up dog-walking businesses, but those who differentiate will get the fiercely loyal clients. A dog walker who also trains pets, can reach a clientele of extremely busy people who might be struggling with a naughty pet. Or perhaps, a dog walker who offers grooming services to posh pets will reach another clientele. If you can successfully reach a specific area of your target market that readily spend money and your competitors ignore, you’ve got it made.

Alice Seba

Alice Seba earns a full-time online income as an entrepreneur and loves to help others achieve the same. With a focus onusing content to create relationships, loyalty and results from the written word, she co-owns both a ghostwriting service and a private label content business. To get more tips for your content marketing, visit - your free resource with plenty of tips and strategies.


  1. Robert Scozzari says

    Very good article on the importance of branding. Not many business owners understand the true importance of differentiating and branding. Without those two important points, you can be successful, but only on price point. And no business can be hugely successful if all they can offer is low price.

  2. Thanks for the nice post. Actually i don’t have any idea about this Target market and USP but you did well in discussing this terms. Thanks again.

  3. Great post! Finding the right business is part soul searching and part research. Write a list of what type(s) of businesses you’d like to start. Then start researching to see if there is a market for that business. Most entrepreneurs work it backwards. That is they start whatever business then try to figure out if there is a “hungry crowd.”

  4. 1. idea
    2. team
    3. execution

  5. Business ideas aren’t like sleep which comes on every night. It may take a long time but one has to be persistent and have some brainstorming constantly whether sitting in a bus or watching movie. As soon as you have an idea just make some profitable plans by looking into market trends. Choose a unique idea and make endless efforts to allure your targeted audience.

  6. I really like the USP point you mentioned. I had something like that in my head just not as well developed.

  7. You may want to sell ebooks to homeschoolers because you see other people selling them, but demand doesn’t necessarily equal success.