What You Can Do To Solve Tech Issues On Your Own

Unlike larger businesses, most of us are solo entrepreneurs. Which means, we wear many hats throughout the day. Some of us outsource a chunk of that work so we can concentrate on the things we are good at and that is very smart indeed. Trouble is, no matter how large or small your company is, we all have limited budgets or at times, limited people who can work on an issue for us. In order to get things moving we can either hold till those resources are available or attempt to move it along by finding solutions ourselves.SOS

If you do not have a technical person to call upon or have very limited resources to hire help, here’s what you can do.

  • Search the support forum. Many software paid or free, have user community forums where you can get help from. In some communities, help can come faster than the official support because of a strong and loyal user base.
  • Copy and paste the error verbatim into Google or your favorite search engine. That’s how I find my solutions (and learned new things).
  • Look it up on Youtube. Youtube is not just for laughs. There’s a ton of how to material there and this is a great option for those who learn better by visual walk throughs. While you are there, swing by the TechBasedMarketing channel for quick and easy how-to’s to common web tech questions.
  • Ask your followers. You’ll be surprised how many smart people are among your social network and customers.
  • Ask in relevant forums. Some entrepreneur forums have special sections for tech questions and help.
  • Bring your questions and issues to our live helpdesk. Every Thursday night at 9 PM U.S. Eastern time, I hold a helpdesk ‘open house’ where we take questions and help people through Internet business tech issues. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook Page to receive instructions how to join me.

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  1. Thanks for the posting.
    Social networking is there for a reason. Not using it to push your business but to ‘just see what’s going on’ would be a waste of time.

    • That is true. For me, the social network is great for market research and getting insight from customers and prospects. Some people pay through their nose to figure out what their customers want. Also, by involving customers in testing out say an order process, or just about any issue really, it tells them you are listening to them and really that’s what most customers want.

  2. This is very good and very helpful post. You are one hundred percent right that the most of us are just stand-alone-complexes that need some help from outside. And looking for answers is not always that easy as it seems.

  3. Good tips. I especially agree that forums are a great place to get answers to technical problems. Forum members are usually very helpful people who don’t mind lending a hand. If you can’t find the answer to your problem, try posting it on a relevant forum and see all the advice you’ll get. Keep in mind that every forum is not equal. If you don’t get an answer through the first forum, try finding a forum that is more relevant or that at least has more members.

  4. Recently the new projects I have been working on have required a lot of research on my part and I really cant tell you how much I have been able to learn by using online forums and blogs. I look like a genius at work sometimes and it all because of the research I do online.

  5. Thanks for this interesting post. I always learn a lot from your posts and really appreciate it! I wish you a Happy New Year. Regards, Martin

  6. ON teh flip side, as a computer tech, it is quite annoying goign to parties, family gatherings… and being harrassed about tech support issues. Can you just stop by, I know it is only 5 minutes for you…

    • Yes I understand. But I suppose that’s up to you to set the boundaries. Sometimes I’ll tell people, I’ll take 5 minutes to look at it but if it turns out it is take me more than 5 minutes then… state your terms or send them to the nearest shop.