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Jeff Jarvis is pissed at Dell. Seems they aren’t holding up their end of the deal on a service contract for a new laptop Jeff purchased recently.

"I just got a new Dell laptop and paid a fortune for the four-year, in-home service.

"The machine is a lemon and the service is a lie.

"I’m having all kinds of trouble with the hardware: overheats, network doesn’t work, maxes out on CPU usage. It’s a lemon."

In case you don’t know, Jeff Jarvis is one of the most highly read bloggers on the planet. Technorati has him listed as #47 out of 11.8 million sites. Could Dell have picked a worse guy to piss off? The guy appears regularly on CNN as a consultant forgodsake!

Chris Pirillo, on the other hand, raves about his new Canon Powershot digital camera.

"The Canon Powershot S2 IS
is a beauty that you must see, hold, and use to appreciate. The $500
price tag is quite attractive, given the versatility and size of this
particular digicam. Dude. DUDE! This is exactly the camera I’ve been
waiting for all these years, and it’s finally sitting right next to me.
No buyer’s remorse here; I’ve learned my lesson."

I also listened to him provide a very energetic review and endorsement during one of his recent podcasts (here’s a guy who probably draws about a million sets of eyeblls each month). Do a Google search for Canon Powershot S2 IS and you’ll find Pirillo’s review on the first page.

How much $$$ did Dell blow out by not taking care of this one customer?

How much $$$ did Canon earn?


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