How To Use Your Cell Phone As A Wifi Hotspot

Too many things run on wifi these days – even cameras! But practically for an entrepreneur, it would certainly be nice to use your existing hardware to connect your netbook, iPad, Kindle or whatever devices from anywhere. I know I would love to have this option and so set out to find out what is available out there.

This is one area where Windows Mobile phone owners have a leg up. Considering how many applications and services these days are iPhone and Droid only, this really came as quite a surprise. Here are my findings.


I suppose this has to do with the draconian rules Apple places on app developers and what type of apps it will allow on iTunes. But there are very few options and the options I found require you to jailbreak your phone. I don’t think many want to do that but if you are sort of techie and motivated, here are two apps you can try.

Windows Mobile

Like I said, this platform has the most options and pretty painless process as far as I can tell. No hacking the phone at all and that’s always good.

  • PdaNet ($34)
  • WMWifiRouter ($19.99)
  • WalkingHotSpot ($24.99)
  • HTC CM Wifi Internet Sharing (free). I don’t recommend this though especially if not on an HTC phone or if you don’t care for geek speak it is free but quite technical if things don’t go right.


  • Droid Wifi Tether (free). I don’t run around Droid circles nor own one (yet) but sounds to me like some hacking involved.
  • PdaNet (18.95 for a limited time). No root access or hacking involved.


And there you have it. Before you do some serious Wifi sharing, make sure you understand the implications and how much access you have on your data plan too.

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  1. I agree with you. Personally, as a young entrepreneur, I try to find ways in order to maintain my internet access anywhere I go. I even have my own wifi at home so that I can easily access my email even if I’m away of my computer or laptop.

  2. Myself I currently own a blackberry storm2 and have never had any issues. A collegue of mine that uses android baed phones also reports none either. Something to consider for your readers.

  3. In these modern days, it’s good to have a wi-fi or internet access anywhere you go. A lot of activities are being done online, it’s better to have access most of the time whether you have business or you don’t have one.

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    very very nice post thanks.

  5. Today its necessary to have wifi or internet access everywhere i am happy using my android based Phone because it helps me a lot.

  6. For me wifi is vert important. I have wifi at home and I have a phone with wifi so I can easily access to the internet every where I go. Anyways, thanks for your post.

  7. Wifi access is everywhere now. In other establishments, they are offering free internet access as part of their added service to their customers. This fact only proved that people must at least know how they can use their mobile at the advantage.

  8. Nowadays, techonology provides us with opportunties to do business anytime and anywhere. I too have wifi at home so I can move around and do other tasks, while still keeping up with my business. And it’s true — food establishments offer internet facilities to attract more customers. WIndows Mobile is good. Keep your ears open on Droid. I hear there are good reviews on Droid though I haven’t tried it yet.

  9. Wifi aces is widely in use i think its like a necessity than a luxury.Mobile phones are massively in use for this purpose.

  10. Today a lot of people are fun of having an access to internet especially for those who have business they can easily access to net using cellphone with the help of WIFI. Wifi is really a huge help for those who have business.

  11. Nice post. Its a better option for the business persons. Will help me sure fore connecting my cellphone.

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