How To Use Your Cell Phone As A Wifi Hotspot

Too many things run on wifi these days – even cameras! But practically for an entrepreneur, it would certainly be nice to use your existing hardware to connect your netbook, iPad, Kindle or whatever devices from anywhere. I know I would love to have this option and so set out to find out what is available out there.

This is one area where Windows Mobile phone owners have a leg up. Considering how many applications and services these days are iPhone and Droid only, this really came as quite a surprise. Here are my findings.


I suppose this has to do with the draconian rules Apple places on app developers and what type of apps it will allow on iTunes. But there are very few options and the options I found require you to jailbreak your phone. I don’t think many want to do that but if you are sort of techie and motivated, here are two apps you can try.

Windows Mobile

Like I said, this platform has the most options and pretty painless process as far as I can tell. No hacking the phone at all and that’s always good.

  • PdaNet ($34)
  • WMWifiRouter ($19.99)
  • WalkingHotSpot ($24.99)
  • HTC CM Wifi Internet Sharing (free). I don’t recommend this though especially if not on an HTC phone or if you don’t care for geek speak it is free but quite technical if things don’t go right.


  • Droid Wifi Tether (free). I don’t run around Droid circles nor own one (yet) but sounds to me like some hacking involved.
  • PdaNet (18.95 for a limited time). No root access or hacking involved.


And there you have it. Before you do some serious Wifi sharing, make sure you understand the implications and how much access you have on your data plan too.

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