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Viral marketing has to be up there as one of the best ways to generate mass exposure for your brand. When the web came along viral marketers gained access to a communication medium ideal for viral distribution. Jokes, images and movies ride the wave of networked communications through email forwards everyday and more often than not some clever company is benefiting from the exposure that only “going viral” can deliver.

Viral marketing in a nutshell is when a company creates something that is interesting and compelling enough to make a person want to forward it to their friends or pass the word on. With the advent of email and the world wide web viral marketing campaigns have the tools to make the process easy, but the difficulty in producing something interesting enough to go viral hasn’t changed. Creativity is still rewarded but you can never be certain what will go viral and what will just get a little chuckle and be deleted.

For small business the web has reduced entry barriers to produce viral campaigns. A simple flash movie can be all it takes provided the content is interesting enough. It’s a fine art though, producing something worthy of being forwarded that also provides a branding or marketing message for the company behind it is no easy task. Often viral campaigns work very well from a distribution sense but the subsequent increase in business awareness is not so good.

Take a look at the following viral campaigns and see if you can determine what product or company is behind them and what they are trying to promote.


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