#8 How To Build Brand Presence With Videos [Podcast]


Like it or not, the time for ignoring video in your marketing has come and gone.

It is easy to discount video by saying most people you know don’t like watching videos but do they really? Next time when you are researching a product, pay attention to your behavior. In addition to reading about the product and clicking pictures, there’s a good chance you will watch a short video to witness for yourself how the product looks and works.

Besides instructions, video can be a great branding tool too. These are exactly the things we talk to Lou Bortone about in this episode.


Key Takeaways

  • Video personas and where you fit in
  • Why you shouldn’t be solely dependent on YouTube
  • Ways to lead people back to your site from video sites
  • How to take advantage of Youtube advertising
  • How to create videos without being in the video
  • Why you should stop creating viral videos
  • Ideal length for videos
  • Ways to re-purpose your content into video
  • Turning podcasts into videos
  • 60% of Internet traffic is video
  • Should you to talking head videos

Resources & Mentions


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