What A Janitor’s Revenge Teaches You About Human Behavior

I saw this floating around on Facebook and of course being curious clicked to watch for some laughs.

What I go though was more than just laughs. Over and over again I see what people ahead of us and our business coaches keep saying.


Tell people what to do.

It sounds a little demeaning but I can’t help thinking how all those in this video but one decided to skip the crazy trail. Now, I know that it is tough and not a great idea to walk in thick snow if you aren’t wearing the right footwear. That probably contributes to the majority of people in the video choosing to walk that trail anyhow.

Not a scientific experiment but it does show. People tend to simply follow.

Lynette Chandler

Lynette Chandler

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Lynette Chandler


  1. That video somehow make sense. Yeah, People will just follow most especially if it
    shows the only way.But it is our choice
    if we choose to do it in our own way then let it be. You’re taking with your
    own risk after all. 🙂

  2. kellymccausey says:

    LOL! That was great 🙂  

    Tell me what to do Lynette! I’ll follow your path anywhere 😉

  3. kellymccausey LOL how about I follow you? I know you’ll lead me to great places.

  4. maeganA Yup. When the path is unclear or people are afraid, they’d follow someone that looks like a leader to them. Nothing wrong really because when we lose our way, we need leaders to get us out.