What Happens If You Implement Small Tweaks Everyday?

Userapp is a software that helps app developers implement user authentication and management. Their product may not be right for you but this presentation they put out could. Check it out.

For me, the most important message of this is NOT their results. In fact, you should ignore their results – why? Because…

Copying others’ successes does not guarantee yours.

What you should emulate though is their daily commitment to tweak something. Try and test out something to see if it works better. That is the moral of this presentation.



  1. Yes copying doesn’t guarantee yours. Precisely and definitely people succeed in their effort and ideas. You can copy from others but things have to be align with yourself how you’ll handle things fro and to.

  2. I think constant tweaking is a healthy thing to do for any website or brand. You have to make changes from time to time.

  3. Exactly.¬†brandignity¬†You’ll risk stagnating otherwise.