Are You Telling Your Brand Story?


Every brand has a message. That message can be communicated in a number of ways, and one of the most crucial tools in your brand messaging toolkit is one of the most simple. Storytelling.

We are hard-wired, as a species, to connect to stories. That is why some of the most effective teachers throughout history were master storytellers. We’ll quickly forget carefully-crafted statements, and even the most profound principles, but we’ll remember a compelling story – sometimes for decades. And even pass it down for generations.

How did your business come into existence? What was the process that led to its launch? Why do you now do what you do? What client need opened the door to a whole new venture that evolved into your brand? What made your brand survive over the years, when others faded?

If you and your company bring authentic value to the marketplace, then people will want to connect with your brand. And one of the quickest routes into the heart of your customer is an engaging story. Not a fairy tale, mind you, but a true story – one that demonstrates why your brand is unique and compelling. And don’t forget – that story is key to engaging some of your most critical “customers,” your employees.

Inc. Magazine has a great article (by Michele Miller) on this theme of brand storytelling – highly recommended.

There’s a lot of noise in the marketplace, and it’s hard to get your voice heard – and remembered. Do yourself a favor – spend some time rehearsing your story, finding what is compelling and interesting, and then weave it into your messaging to your customers.

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