This Guy Is Responsible For My Small Business Having A Number One Google Ranking


Many years ago I launched my first serious small business, For the first few years it was a tough hard slog to get new clients. My marketing was okay, but it was very labor intensive since it focused on placing posters at university campuses to promote the editing service. If I didn’t put up posters then I didn’t attract new clients.

During 2004 and 2005 I spent a lot of time researching about Internet marketing. I realized the potential for the web to deliver new clients to my business but I hadn’t optimized my website. As a result if someone searched for my top keywords in Google my website would be listed on the second or third PAGE, and if you want people to come to your site as a result of a search you have to be on the first page, preferably in the first, second or third position overall.

Eventually I stumbled across a guy named Brad Fallon who had a course back then called “stomping the search engines“. I took the course, went back to my website and began implementing the techniques I had learnt, like adding a site map, optimizing my title tags and building links to my website.

The immediate impact was not significant, but eventually my site started to rise in the search engine rankings. Eventually I made it to page one on Google for nearly every keyword phrase I targeted.

Shortly after that something amazing started to happen. New customers were submitting jobs who had found my website via search engines. These customers cost me nothing to acquire AND they kept coming without me needing to do any extra work.

Today I have Google rankings of either number one, two or three for the phrases I target, which means if a person searches for something that my business offers, for example “thesis editing“, potential customers find my business as a top ranked result.

The end result has been a steady stream of clients over the past two years whether I put out posters or not. The business turns over over $100,000 a year now in revenue and most of that comes from clients acquired from search engines directly or via word of mouth from people who originally found the business via search and told friends.

In short, a well optimized website can do amazing things for your small business, and it’s worth spending the time on professional training to improve your Internet marketing.

How Would You Like Internet Marketing Training From The Best?

StomperNetBrad Fallon, the guy who originally trained me on search engine marketing, no longer does his stomping the search engines course but instead has a much larger and more comprehensive program called StomperNet which he runs with his friend Andy Jenkins.

StomperNet is a members only program and it’s not cheap, however when it originally launched over six months ago it sold out in a matter of days with more than 1000 students taking part.

The program has just opened doors again and for a limited time is accepting new student applications. You can read about the program and sign up here:

StomperNet is considered the most complete e-business course around and if you currently do business online there is no other course I’d recommend to help you land more clients from the web.

If you don’t have an online business yet Brad and his team offer a 30 day program when you first join the course designed to get you up to scratch and out the door with your own Internet business. They walk you through step-by-step until you have a business setup.

Since this course is quite comprehensive – there are a lot of materials and resources to study – I wouldn’t suggest joining unless you personally, or one of your staff, have the time to go through it.

Here is the link for more information:

If you have any questions about it please leave a comment. I’ve had an inside view of this program so I can explain more if you are curious.

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  1. As a professional SEO, I am always on the look out for “the edge” when it comes to internet marketing. My current employer came to me yesterday with information about Stompernet. I recommended that we give it a try. He signed up immediately after spending several hours reading and viewing all of the material available at the site.

    I know Brad Fallons reputation and who could not respect a “SEO Guru” who actually puts his advice to work AND produces tremendous profits at the same time. So many SEO’s are content to simply sell a service.

    Continued success with your site.

  2. I agree with these comments. I came across Brad Fallon’s work recently and have started to put some of the ideas into practice. I think the important point here is to be patient as it does take a while to make an impression. Many people seem to expect SEO to work overnight – if everyone is doing that there is going to be a bit of gridlock!

  3. I usually don’t trust reviews with affiliate links all over but went to the site to find out that FormulaFIVE is Temporarily Closed.
    I mean is a course, how can be closed? or is just a simple tactic to increase demand for the program?

  4. I went through the same mine field with the seo route, then I cam across a guy who was willing to do the work on performance.
    We set up milestones and made payment as we reached the milestones.
    If anyone wants his details just shout
    Bye the way I am on page 4 for the main keyword leaflet distribution and page 1 for leaflet distributors and I think page 1 for leaflet delivery