Re-Branding Chrysler

It’s been high up in the news columns of late – the U.S. car company Chrysler is being split off from its unfortunate marriage to the German company Daimler, and will return to its status as an unwed manufacturer. In fact, the Cerberus Capital Management purchase will give Chrysler a very interesting opportunity – re-asserting the Chrysler brand into the marketplace, unfettered by its Daimler connection and “Dr Z” messaging.

Chrysler has had a very up-and-down, cyclical market experience. After its near-death brush with bankruptcy, it swung back by introducing the minivan. It has had some market hits (“cab-forward” car design – remember that? and Jeep, of course), and it has had unprofitable seasons. The jury is definitely still out on whether it can overcome some of its legacy cost disadvantages and compete in the market, against the slow, steady, successful onslaught of Asian brands.

Here is Business Week’s take on the challenge that Chrysler faces.

But now, it can at least re-launch itself as a company. So, readers, put on your thinking caps. If you were given the responsibility of creating a new marketing message for Chrysler, what would it be? What theme(s) would you choose? How would you appeal to a (perhaps) skeptical market? Would you emphasize engineering? Design? Patriotic themes? How would you position Chrysler in the marketplace? What tagline(s) would you suggest? Fill the comment section with your ideas, and let’s come up with an ad-hoc campaign right now!

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Author: Steve Woodruff (19 Articles)

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