Brand Identity: What’s Your Threat Level?


The most secure and successful brands are so clearly differentiated in the minds of clients, and give such value to them, that their identity is easily “passed around” in the marketplace.

What’s the “threat level” of your brand? How can you move to a position of market security?

Think about brands that, in your own experience, occupy the green “low threat” zone. These are companies or people that you naturally and enthusiastically recommend to others. What makes them powerful in your mind and heart…and how can you arrive there?

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  1. Point well made Steve!

    And I love the “clearly differentiated” way you make it.

    Keep creating…Mike

  2. rahul chawda says

    a nice perspective to gauge how your brand is doin in the market place and in the minds of your consumers..

    the best approach in my mind to be in the green zone is to make a strong connection with your consumers in every interface your business/ brand has with them.

    we always need to keep remindin ourselves that it is not about what we are capable of offerin or deliverin… it is all about what our consumers care about in our products/ services and then devisin our offerin accordin to that. thats the secret to stayin in the green zone.

  3. says

    this post was extremely helpful. great clarification of what an entrepreneur should think about when developing their business/marketing plans & strategies.