Does Your Brand Suffer from IDD (Identity Deficit Disorder)?


It’s a pervasive problem. Identity Deficit Disorder afflicts many brands. Do you suffer from IDD? Here are some of the most common symptoms:

    1. Lack of focus – it’s not clear what the brand stands for.
    2. Has trouble organizing – can’t seem to look at the big picture and ensure that a coherent identity and message carry across all brand communications.
    3. Inattention – can be told, by clients and others, how best to grow the brand, but can’t seem to listen.
    4. Impulsivity – today, the message might be one thing, but the next day, that’s forgotten because something new has come up.
    5. Impaired performance – cannot reach potential in the marketplace, because it’s not clear where it belongs.

Of course, the ones who are afflicted with IDD typically are the last to recognize it. Here’s a simple diagnostic test, that can be performed in the privacy of your office in 120 seconds:

    Write out or say, in a few brief sentences, what is the major differentiator of your brand, what customers value the most about it, what its unique position is in the marketplace, and what is the one-sentence summary message that you’d give to a potential customer which would enable them to “get” the value of the brand.

If you are unable to do this, then you may well suffer from IDD.

The good news is the Identity Deficit Disorder is not a terminal condition! It can be treated. Usually this requires the help of an objective (outside) branding professional, who can examine the symptoms, diagnose the disease, and prescribe a cure. But the biggest challenge is realizing when you have the affliction!

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  1. Elaine Fogel says

    This is so spot on, Steve! I can name a list of small biz people who fit this description to a “T.”