Are You Living Your Calling?

Are You Living Your Calling?

It’s Monday. Are you excited to get going? Or are you dreading the grind? Are you passionate about what’s you are about to create this week? Or is work your enemy?

Watch this…

Don’t love your comfort zone too much. Security is over-rated. Don’t settle. Do not be that person who regrets not going after their passion on their death bed.

Now is the time. Decide to do it now. Whatever it is. If you’re ready to start a business, do it today! Here’s one to get you started. “Launch A Profitable Podcast“.

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  1. I always wanna to be a business man but i am rounding around what will be best choice…Online business or other.Please help .I am fed up with my job.

    • Hi Bishop, I can certainly understand that feeling. Let’s start with something simple. 1) What do your friends always ask you to solve for them, or ask your advice about? Are you good at it? Do you enjoy it?

      2) What do you currently do at work? Do you like what you do and just don’t like working for others? If you truly like what you do but prefer to do it for yourself, then the follow-up question is, are you good at it? Is this what you truly want to do the rest of your life?

  2. I have finally committed to my calling of being a writer. It’s taken many years to muster the courage and step out and do what I meant to do. I know it will take time, perseverance and effort. But I feel that I will get there, no doubt.

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