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Are You Ready To Be An Entrepreneur?

Are You Ready To Be An Entrepreneur

Are you one of the many people who dream of leaving the corporate grind to strike out on their own? In order for your vision to become reality, it’s important to develop and maintain the right mindset. As an entrepreneur, business isn’t going to come to you; you’ve got to go out and make it happen. This article discusses the importance of being ready to make business connections at all times.

How To Help Your Content Stand Out

This infographic illustrates the importance of storytelling as an important part of your marketing strategy. Most people are on information overload and tend to scan through digital information very quickly. You must learn to stand out from the crowd. Knowing how to tell your story will capture your readers’ interest and they will want to listen to your message.


Personalize Brand Tweets to Improve Customer Relations

Personalize Brand Tweets to Improve Customer Relations

Twitter can be a valuable way to reach your customers but it’s important that the engagement isn’t one sided. Customers appreciate seeing their names in tweets as well a signature from someone on your team. It adds a friendly, personal touch to your conversation which will likely result in happier customers who will be more likely to recommend your business to others.

Check out this article to learn how you can build and improve your customer service relationships on Twitter.

34 Tips To Grow Your Social Networks

34 Tips To Grow Your Social Networks

You’ve started your blog, membership site or information product. But how can you maximize social media so that it gets in front of as many potential readers or customers as possible? With so many social media platforms now, you may be wondering where should you start. This article focuses on the four big players and offers helpful tactics to rapidly increase your following.

Why You Should Offer Free Samples

Why You Should Offer Free Samples

Anytime you go to a warehouse store or supermarket, you’ll see vendors offering product samples ranging from juices to chip to ice cream. Samples offer consumers an opportunity to try out new products before they buy them and much of the time, this is a successful strategy for the company. Sampling can apply to content marketing as well. It gives your potential customer a chance to get a feel for your voice and your product before they make the commitment to purchase. This article talks about the importance of pre-selling your potential customer with great samples to boost sales.

12 Reasons People Won’t Buy From Your Website

12 Reasons People Wont Buy From Your Website

Does your website encourage customers to buy from you or is it turning them off? There are many factors involved in developing a well designed and functional site that customers buy from, trust, and tell their friends about. This article will help you to take inventory of your website and show you 12 common mistakes that might be driving potential customers away.

Is Your Business On Instagram Yet?

Is Your Business on Instagram Yet

If you’ve been wondering if your business should be on Instagram, this eye opening article will show you how Instagram delivers far more follower engagement than other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It features glimpses of several major brands who have been rocking their Instagram presence as they keep their customers engaged and coming back for more.

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