Virtual Event Help: Case Study Review

Virtual Event Help: Case Study Review

I’ve been thinking a lot lately of hosting my very own virtual event so when I saw that Angela Wills had a product on how to do this, I defintitely wanted to check it out.

I love easy to read reports and this was one of those that I read from start to finish.  She describes in full detail what she did to host her event, how she got the speakers to participate and promote the event, how she set it up, what tools she used to set up her affiliate program plus more…. and a summary of each step (which makes it nice and easy to refer back to).  Nice!

Here’s What It’s About:

How to host your own virtual event and grow your income by building your expert status. Included is a case study of her own event and an action plan for you to print out and check off for your own event.

This report is for you if you are ready to get going with your own virtual event easily without spending loads of time setting up, Angela said she only took 3 weeks to get it done and ready to go.

Just 2 small Drawbacks:

As I was going through the report Angela was sharing basically step by step what she did to host her event.

1. Templates

Templates would have been super cool to have…

I was thinking to myself that it would be handy to have the template emails she sent out to event speakers, emails for her subscribers, and a sales page template.

2. How She Plans to Double of even Triple Her Success

She also mentioned that with this first event under her belt that her plan was to double or triple that success… I would have loved to know WHAT she was doing now to achieve this.

I love the “ordered checklist” Angela included which shows you at a glance exactly what you need to do to create your own virtual event.  It’s literally every single step she took to get the event ready.

She then went onto explain what to do for the following:

  • Prior to the event
  • The day of the event
  • Shortly after the event

These points above are all listed as checklists so you can see exactly what to do.

In the end she built great relationships with the speakers, made some cool cash and had a really great info product at the end of it that she could sell.

Personally I enjoyed this report and would love to see if Angela increases the product by adding those handy templates that I could just copy and paste for my own events.  If not, it was still worthwhile and made me feel like it was easier than I was thinking.

Ready for your own event? Click here to grab your own copy.