#13 Finish Well – It’s No Time To Quit Yet [Podcast]

#13 Finish Well – It’s No Time To Quit Yet [Podcast]

Do you have a project you started earlier this year and let it slide to the way side? A new year is coming up really quickly it’s time to admit it – you failed. Right? WRONG. It may be last days of the year but this is no time to call it quits and admit […]

#12 You Have Permission To Rest [Podcast]

Do you ever feel guilty about resting? It’s easy to feel that way. That you aren’t doing enough in your business and resting is just a waste of time doing nothing. But rest is not about doing nothing. No, it is far more than that. Listen to the 6 ways of resting in this episode […]

#11 The Evolution Of A Brand – A Case Study [Podcast]

What happens when you build a brand with one direction but find yourself headed in a different direction as you grow? This is exactly what happened to NAMS. In this episode, I bring David Perdew – founder of NAMS to share how that happened and what he did. David has a lot of real world, […]

#10 Lessons From A Fearful Entrepreneur [Podcast]

You read that right. It’s meant to be fearful and not fearless. That’s crazy! Why bother? We should be talking to fearless, swashbuckling, go-go-go entrepreneurs. I agree and we have been talking to a lot of strong men and women on our podcast in the past. However, I believe there is a lot we can […]

#9 Getting Real, Solid Social Marketing Results [Podcast]

Social Media – does it even work for the amount of time you put in? For our guest this week Lynn Terry, it has – and paid off very well. So much, her followers asked her to teach it and teach it she did through her new course Social Marketing Results. Typically, I shy away […]

#8 How To Build Brand Presence With Videos [Podcast]

Like it or not, the time for ignoring video in your marketing has come and gone. It is easy to discount video by saying most people you know don’t like watching videos but do they really? Next time when you are researching a product, pay attention to your behavior. In addition to reading about the […]

#7 10 Ideas To Being a Blogging Machine For Busy Entrepreneurs [Podcast]

Aren’t there a lot more important things for busy entrepreneurs to do than write blog posts? I suppose you could say yes, but on the other hand, if you want to utilize the Internet to help market your business and your brand, you need to create content. It’s the currency of the Internet. It buys […]

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