Men's Sterling Silver St. Christopher Ring Size 9 - Simply Sterling

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The Mixed Metal Anubis Signet ring is a stunning ring made for the stylish men. This ring features Anubis, an Egyptian god of the afterlife. It is said that he possessed the power of superhuman strength, stamina, vitality, and resistance to harm. Crafted in two separate metals, with the centerpiece featuring Anubis intaglio, made in 14K solid gold. The ring band is crafted in your choice of sterling silver or 14K solid gold.

Mixed Metal Anubis Signet Ring in Sterling Silver and 14K Gold US 13 / 14K Yellow Gold / 14K White Gold

Men's Sterling Silver Saint Christopher Oval Medal with Stainless

From James Avery, this charm features: St. Christopher, whose name means Christ-bearer, is recognized as the patron saint of travelers for carrying the Christ child safely across a river upon his shoulders. Our St. Christopher medal makes a great gift for travelers seeking a blessing of protection for their journey and safe return home.Sterling silverApprox.

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Sterling Silver St Christopher Signet Ring, Give the gift of St Christopher's protection with this unique to Saint Christopher ring

Sterling Silver St Christopher Ring

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A fantastic Ring design for anyone desiring an ancient denarius or Roman Coin on a ring top. Could also double as a wax seal ring perhaps. Perfect also for all those who are into SCA, LARP, Cosplay, Etc.

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Solid 925 Sterling Silver Men's St Christopher Signet Ring with a traditional St Christopher raised embossed emblem to the top surrounded with St Christopher's protective words 'Saint Christopher Protect Us'. Makes a fabulous unusual Father's Day ring gift or perfect for men who would like to wear St Christopher, the Patron Saint of Traveller's keep safe icon but do not suit necklace wearing.

Men's Sterling Silver St Christopher Signet Ring, Dad's or Son's Christmas Jewellery Gift Idea

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St. Christopher Ring Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers