Virtual Event Help: Case Study Review
I’ve been thinking a lot lately of hosting my very own virtual event so when I saw that Angela Wills had a product on how to do this, I definitely wanted to check it out. I love easy to read reports and this was one of those that I read from start to finish.  She describes in full detail what she did to host her event, how she got the speakers to participate and promote the event, how she set it up, what tools she used to set up her affiliate program plus more…. and a summary of each step (which makes it nice and easy to refer back to).  Nice!

Mass Outsource Review
If you’re thinking about outsourcing then this program is definitely something to look into especially if you’re thinking of outsourcing to the Phillipines.  The really nice thing about Tyrone is that he has a bunch of free videos that you can learn from, implement and then join the program.

Mom Masterminds Review
I can’t even express to you everything I have achieved and developed all from discovering this incredible group of women. Kelly & Lynette have taught me so much when it comes to all the tech “behind the scenes” things that need to get done for your online business. I also found new friends that are now my lifetime friends and most I haven’t even met in person. Kelly also went from serious debt to doing very well for herself — she’ll never lie to you and I won’t either, running an online business is tough but it’s well worth the effort  — for me it was life changing!

Blog Mastermind Review
I took on reviewing this course while I was in the midst of going back and forth to the hospital. So truth be told it was not easy to review this course on top of running an online business. A quick overview and I knew I HAD to create a checklist for this in order to get things done.  This course will teach you everything you need to know to get your blog up, running and making money.