10 Branding Brownie Points

Good branding practices are not always the big stuff.

There is also the small things that makes a big impression on your audience and goes a long way in moving your brand forward.

Heres are 10 moves that will paint your brand golden:

• Pay your bills in reasonable time-frame.
Cash flow is the heart of all businesses, paying your bills is honoring your word.

• When you get paid on an invoice, thank your customer. Humility is a great brand value and it shows your respect for your customer.

• Ask suppliers how they are doing from time to time.
It shows you care about their success.

• When booking an appointment with a new customer (or even an existing one)
offer to pick them up a coffee on your way in.

• If you get free offers from time to time, share them among your customers. Ie: I get offers for free printing on specific items – I offer them to my customers. Big smile stuff.

• Always be on the look out for business for your customers. Perhaps a few of your customers might be a great fit for cross-promotional opportunities.

• Pass along publicity opportunities you feel might be beneficial to customers. Reinforces the fact that you are on their team.

• Pay attention to customers’ hobbies or favorite charities.

• Encourage your staff’s input in promoting the company. Corporate fashion is usually worn with pride.

• Contact a long past customer (one with whom you have no contact) and compliment them on something that they are doing that you honestly admire, especially if it is being done by a competitor.

This is only a short bit of wisdom, I’ve picked up over time that helps me keep The Branding Experts’ brand in good stead. You no doubt do things that keep your brand in the “I love ’em category,” – share them with us here.

What can you add that you found is a small effort with BIG impact? Brag about how your brand shines because of them!


  1. These are such great tips, I agree, ultimately it begins with the little stuff 🙂

  2. Michele Price says

    This is a great list. Thanks for giving us some thing we can remind ourselves how simple it is to be successful. One step at a time.

  3. Good points! I’d like to add to your point 6 (Always be on the look out for business for your customers) that you can also refer great networking opportunities to your customers. For example, I received an invitation to attend an event where a large number of my customer’s clients would be – I made sure to forward an invite to my customer (and he attended). He was grateful that I forwarded the opportunity.

  4. hi Ed,
    I wouldn’t mind if someone called ahead and offered to bring me a cup of coffee. A simple and great idea I had never though of. Excellent list. It’s just a matter of remembering the little things… they can add up and have a big impact.
    ~ Steve from Pinnacle Trade Show Displays
    PS. For anyone stopping by, I take my coffee with two creams and one packet of sugar. 🙂

  5. Kris, great move. I’m always on the lookout for my clients. Small world – you know. Hey Pinnacle Steve, you outta cut back on the sugar. I’m a tea toddler myself – black.

  6. Hi Ed,
    I just love the simple way you put things and that they make so much sense.
    Thanks for the post

  7. Thank you Andee.

  8. Exhibitions says

    Some good points there Ed thank you. I especially agree with the part about showing an interest in your suppliers, especially the smaller scale suppliers you may have. Building a relationship with suppliers is equally as important as building a relationship with your clients and in the long term could see many benefits