Brand Booster 21 Day 16: Blogging As A Marketing Tool

Brand Booster 21 Day 16: Blogging As A Marketing Tool


Creating a competitive edge is another important aspect of branding. Today, the online world has many methods of branding. The most popular method of branding and gaining the competitive edge is through the use of Blogs. Blogs allow a site to increase traffic, improve rank through search engine results, and even helps with credibility building also.

Blogs are websites that use the new Web 2.0 technology which allows visitors to a site to post their own comments, articles, and more. Giving a user the access to post things to your site allows them to feel a sense of ownership to the business. They work in many ways which may include forums, discussion boards, or even look like a daily diary in a sense. They keep the visitors up to date on current events and allow for discussion to take place.

There are many reasons to use blogs for a business. A business may want to provide a discussion board that allows other customers to discuss troubleshooting tips and tricks. A company may post useful information about how to get the most longevity out of products, how to repair or fix things, and even how to prevent problems from occurring.

If you do decide to add a blog to your company site then there are many things to consider so you get the most out of it. Some companies allow people to post their own content while others cannot. Consider things like keywords and phrases, links, useful information, and even contact information.

The primary purpose of blog writing for branding is to gain more exposure to a business and get the word out to people that the company exists. Blogs are an excellent way to create hype and exposure because the web has millions of businesses and customers. It is also a great way to get publicity opportunities.

When using a blog it is important to make sure that you use important keywords that are relevant to the products and services offered by your business. These keywords and phrases should be the words that will be typed into the search engines when a user is looking for what you offer. The keywords should be used naturally throughout the content of the blog. They will work by allowing your blog to be pulled up in the search engine results when users type in the specific keywords and phrases you used in the blog.

Adding links to blogs is a very important thing for two reasons. They provide an easy method to get back to your site and provide an inbound link. Users always appreciate an easy way to get to your company. If you are talking about products and services offered in a blog without links to where the customers can find them then it will do no good. Customers will only search for a business for a very short period if they search at all. You have a better chance of a customer when a link is right there in the blog so they can easily click and find out more about the company.

URLs are also beneficial for a business because they provide inbound links. One of the ways that search engines work is that one of the ways they rank a business is through popularity. Popularity can be built up by links integrated within blogs. The more inbound links you provide inside of a blog the more popularity a search engine thinks you have. Never forget to place inbound links inside of blogs and content you place on your blog.

A blog needs to provide beneficial information for the visitors and readers. When there is something useful to the reader they will come back for more. Blogs give you the opportunity to give the free advice and useful information that will benefit the users and cause you to gain credibility for being knowledgeable about the products and services offered.


  1. Exactly what I was thinking, thank you for your opinion.

  2. I agree with you wholly ans solely on this…Nicely written

  3. i think most of the businessman must have a good relation with clients,in blog you could reach much audience so does u can promote your business on your own. It can be done with online, but in offline mode, u could try to improve your business cards as a powerful tool to introduce your business. SO, i think, business cards can be your equipment in marketing tools. More info just visit

  4. Ok! I will check it out.Let’s see the result.carry on~

  5. Those that embrace blogging as a marketing tool can certainly benefit from it. Unfortunately I don’t have as much time to be a consistent blogger, and that could actually harm my online reputation. But those that do have the time to blog are able to get much closer to their prospective customers and interact with them. That’s a huge positive for nearly any business.

  6. Eoin Redmond says

    I agree with you and think blogging is definitely important for all 21st century businesses in order to reach and communicate with their customer base.

    My question for you is, how do you rate video blogging compared to the traditional written blog? And do you think they will grow in popularity?

  7. Another possibility for those of us that have a hard time writing consistently (something about writing articles feels like homework back in the day) is video blogging. You can simply turn on your webcam and share your thought, then upload to Youtube or your own blog.

    The extra benefit of Youtube hosting your video (aside from the great search ranking benefits) is that now they are starting to actually index the dialog in videos, meaning that in the future video will be indexed by search engines. More info on that at , if you want to learn about the announcement Google/Youtube just made last week.

    I’m sure the same will be true of podcasting in the future as well, so I think the key is to use the medium you are most comfortable with, and can blog the most often with, right?