When Passion Alone Doesn’t Cut It!

You hear it all the time, “Do something you’re passionate about.” Or, “they’re successful because they’re passionate about what they do.” While at the surface I agree that it takes passion to soldier on, you have to feed that passion with a strategy to connect. I have passionate entrepreneurs reaching out to me all the time, and I reaching out to them. I firmly believe in the adage that it’s not who you know, but who knows you.

If you are by nature shy, then knowing them will certainly not be enough. BUT on the other hand them knowing you, provides them a conduit to you. That is powerful. And how do you do that?


Here at Ken’s blog Small Business Branding, we discuss branding at every level. Branding has the ability to give that passion of yours an identity. It allows people you don’t know the benefit of knowing you. If you take your brand seriously, you will be reaching out on a number of fronts to make that connection. You have to embrace your passion and start reaching out on AND offline. Just because you built it, doesn’t mean they will come. All of us out there recognize that simple truth. It’s a great start, but now it has to stand for something and that is where branding comes in.

You have to translate that passion by taking a leadership position and make your brand known. Step away from the computer and get out into your community. Network, speak to your audience. Volunteer – give of yourself. Allow people to like you and in turn recognize your brand for all that it can benefit them. Here you are reading this article, reach out to me and your fellow readers and give us your opinion by commenting. That one simple move, takes your brand out of the shadows and allows the thousands of readers here to identify with you. Many of those readers are your future customers if you allow it.

Offline, join networking groups that speak to your customers. Help the groups grow and watch your brand soar. Passion IS a great thing to have BUT it’s a better thing to share. Your future customers will then know you by your willingness to share your passion.

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Author: Ed Roach (237 Articles)

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