Positioning Is King!

Gold Branding CrownOnline and off, one the most important services I am often engaged to perform is the development of a positioning strategy for small to medium size businesses.

A positioning strategy is not simply a cleaver slogan but a powerful and dynamic stand that your brand takes in your category. Right now as you read this, I believe that you are sitting on something that would absolutely position you as the leader in your marketplace. All too often, we as small business people think that advertising an inspirational tagline, will draw in customers. But that really isn’t enough to make them engage you.

You have to been seen and believed to be a leader. Customers like to do business with leaders. Your position has to resonate with them. When was the last time you bought something based entirely on the slogan? We purchase all the time on our perception of their brand position all the time. They belief that they have something that is better than everyone else. Apple is a good example of effective positioning. You can benefit from the same thing and have your brand raise the bar and claim the high ground.



  1. Small business Ideas says:

    Great article, without positioning who are we to talk branding.

  2. I agree with you Ed. We buy things depending on the brands position in the market. It will make much more sense to really position your business strategically. In this world, we love leaders. So we buy leaders’ products most of the time.

  3. Nice article Ed, it makes sense to position your business with a strategic plan, than relying on some tagline gimmick to drive in more customers and sales.

    • @netmarketing2 I place positioning as the driver as well NM2. For me the tagline is inspirational and complimentary of the positioning. The positioning is what resonates with customers to check you out – why they should give a damn.

  4. ruthjulia says:

    Yes I agree the positioning statement, or brand statement is the first place to start with any branding project. I don’t think any kind of gimmick will work today, everything you say about yourself has to be genuine and you have to be able to deliver it. For this reason I think it’s important that every person in the company feels like they have a voice when creating the positioning statement. After all the staff are the people who deliver a large part of the brand promise. The positioning statement should deliver to your customers needs, and play to your own strengths, and, there has to be an emotional hook, something to believe in.

    • @ruthjulia Great points Ruth. A lot of times if a “gimmick” does work, unless the offering is genuine – it won’t bring them back. We shouldn’t have to resort to gimmicks if your positioning is sound.

  5. EwanWatkins says:

    key role of brand management is to create and reinforce an identity that promises relevant points of difference to consumers. Smaller, younger organizations have an advantage in this area for a number of reasons:

    Leadership Smaller|Younger Organization: An entrepreneur with a vision and passion Larger|Older Organization: A seasoned executive with experience in running large, complex enterprises

    Size Smaller|Younger Organization: A small number of people who work closely together and often share the entrepreneur’s vision and passion Larger|Older Organization: A large number of people in different divisions and departments with different functional backgrounds and allegiances, often very much decentralized

    Business Scope Smaller|Younger Organization: Usually focused on one core product or product category Larger|Older Organization: Usually offering a wide variety of products and product lines, many times in multiple business categories and even in different industries

    Brand Structure Smaller|Younger Organization: Usually one brand Larger|Older Organization: Often very complex including multiple brands, sub-brands, endorsed brands, etc.

    Organization Infrastructure Smaller|Younger Organization: Rapidly being built to support the entrepreneur’s vision Larger|Older Organization: Many assets, systems, processes, organizational levels, etc. Very difficult to change.

    • @EwanWatkins

      Interesting perspective Ewan. Don’t you think your examples should be more size based than youth based? One major thing that youth doesn’t provide is experience. They will spend a great deal of their time making the same mistakes older venues have already experienced. An entrepreneur would be wise to have that experience in a consulting role, so that they too don’t waste their and their customer’s time and money.

      Small size on the other hand can be a huge advantage. Simply, they are less flat than larger organizations. They can turn on a dime and have less channels of approval.

      I agree with your take on an individual offering as opposed to many (at the door). Once over the threshold, your customers can become aware of your total palette of services.

      Youth is a great opportunity. But rather than taking an “us or them” approach, you’d be wiser to take the best from each, and use those strengths to your advantage.

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  7. That is so true, Ed. Fancy advertising doesn’t engage customers. To create a deeper engagement, a better positioning of the brand is required. One thing I learned before I became a bestselling author and long before Inc Magazine voted my company as one of the fastest growing companies is that in order to create a deeper engagement, it is important to connect with customers first.

  8. I do not know how to send a comment to another so sorry) Thank you very much. It was very interesting. Particularly pleased that no mention of any particular brand.

  9. Thank you very much. It was very interesting. Particularly pleased that no mention of any particular brand.


  10. JessieNelson says:

    Great article. I feel like there are so many software options to choose from every day. Right now I can’t get through a day without: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Skype and Bizodo (form builder, project management and CRM in one;www.bizodo.com). I know there are other ones too that are great but sometimes I feel like software overload!

  11. seoexpert1234 says:

    Yes .You are correct that positioning of any brand of product is very important to gain high profit and high gain with stability in market. Keep updating the blog, looking forward for more contents. Great job, keep it up.

  12. seoexpert1234 says:

    Yes .You are correct that positioning of any brand of product is very important to gain high profit and high gain with stability in market. Keep updating the blog, looking forward for more contents. Great job, keep it up.


  13. method marketing says:

    Thank you for posting this article, Ed. I agree, positioning is very important when developing a brand. A clear and concise strategic plan is essential when growing a business in its niche market. When done correctly, you get results like Apple. I can remember the last time I purchased something solely based on its brand. Reputation and credibility is a major thing we go by, yes?

  14. @MakMuva I think you’re correct there Mak. They’d be smart if they started to develop their own as well. It never hurts to segment and market to like minded individuals.