Quotes in Press Releases Make Marketing Mix Magic

Quotes in Press Releases Make Marketing Mix Magic

Quotes are incredibly useful and powerful. This simple truth applies to the press releases incorporated in your marketing mix.

In addition to having an interesting news angle or memorable title, a key element of a press release is the quote. Quotes that support the focus of a press release enhance its message. Whether quotes are from people in the industry, others who have experienced what the piece is about or even those from famous individuals that inspire action, these personal touches can drive a message home. When press releases are included in their marketing mix, businesses can use quotes to their advantage in the form of statements from CEOs, testimonials from satisfied customers and more.

In other words, quotes are the added texture that anchors the facts in a press release in a reader’s mind.  In fact, if your audience doesn’t remember the majority of the information in your release, chances are, they will remember the message of the quote – especially if it’s compelling.

Check out these five reasons why quotes should be included in press releases:

  1. Quotation marks and quotes catch readers’ attention, particularly if they are skimming instead of reading thoroughly.  One powerful way to take advantage of this eye-catching element – give quotes their own paragraphs for greater impact.
  2. Direct quotes draw attention to something interesting or drive an important point home better than objective text.  An expert’s quote can cut to the chase and give a unique viewpoint to information.  Would you rather read an instructional manual about calf roping or get tips from an actual cowboy?
  3. Including quotes puts the vivid language people use when they speak freely into what might otherwise be a dull story.  Quotes provide a flavor to content that objective language can’t.  A passionate spokesperson can give your message added magnetism.
  4. From the writer’s standpoint, using direct quotes reduces the risk of misreporting what was said through an indirect quote.  The easiest way to present information correctly is to attribute facts to the best source.  Direct quotes also let readers know you aren’t reconfiguring someone’s words.
  5. Direct quotes let the reader know precisely how the ideas and thoughts were presented by the original speaker, allowing the reader to make up their own mind about the speaker’s tone.  The language of quotes are spotlights on how not just how the speaker feels about the topic but also how well he knows it.  An informed source adds credibility to your content.

Quotes are very important for press releases. They enhance the message and can communicate points that might have otherwise been lost or overlooked by the reader. Quotes should be included in press releases whenever possible because they have great power to persuade.

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