Ways for Easy Recovery from Google’s Penguin Update

Ways for Easy Recovery from Google’s Penguin Update

Earlier, it was Panda and now it is Penguin that has kept many Internet marketers on their toes. With the recent update, the search engine giant Google has showcased its weeding spree. This update has restrained several websites to appear on the search engine result pages and have become the reason for the turmoil in the realm of SEO.

The Penguin update by Google is targeted on the keyword spammer, on the link farms and also on the sites that were present just to enhance the back linking numbers. Not all the sites are influenced by the update but the ones who choose bad linking practices. Although, Google has stated that these updates didn’t affect the change in the website rankings, several high ranking websites have lost their top positions since the update was launched.

If you are also one of many webmasters who have been affected by Google then here are few ways that will help you to safeguard in the times of algorithm updates.

Perform a real investigation: The SEO experts must thoroughly examine their ongoing web strategy, analyze the traffic sources and monitor areas of opportunity that are not used to their complete potential, for instance social or affiliate marketing.

Envision the trend: Although, no internet marketing professionals can predict what changes will affect their strategies. However, the SEO companies must pay great attention to the trends and hot topics, as this is desired to get an idea of the direction.

Wise work: SEO services must incorporate a good mix of every important element. The web marketing strategies should pay heed on building authority and focussing on the user experience. Besides, other continuous and important task is maintaining the technical aspects of the site.

Understand user behavior: It is desired that you should make use of available data to get exposed to the facts that how and why people make use of the site and how you must captivate their interests and to perform the desired actions. It is desirable to incorporate obvious sources and tasks that are ignored earlier, such as analytics, Sitemaps, your robots.txt file and many other things.

Always inculcate variety: Practicing variety will save you from algorithm changes. SEO professionals should not relax when traffic is up from one source rather must build other channels.

Besides, social media strategy should be designed in a way that it acts as a good source of visitors. Generating traffic through social media takes time and many trials and errors are also involved. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are the best to earn a substantial number of visitors to the site. In fact, several search engine algorithms have started to take into account impressive social media presence.

Every webmaster must instill the facts in their minds that search engine optimization rules are dynamic in nature. Hence, a webmaster who would just focus on a single traffic source for with the aim to rule the search engine ranking would definitely fall flat on face. The professional must keep in mind that the changes will take place and must have a plan in place to lessen the fallout when it happens.

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  1. You should monitor and optimize your website every now and then and study all the rules and regulations  of all the updates made my Google to get rid and pass this Google challenge.

  2. wonderwall7 says

    I think overall, just having great content (like a regularly updated blog) is what will help most websites. -Kelsey

  3. The main thing that you need to investigate and put right if you have been the victim of the penguin update is your backlink profile. Are too many of your links all from the same low quality sources? Are they all using the same anchor text?