The Brilliance Of An ADHD / ADD Entrepreneur

Please understand, while reading this article, that I am in NO WAY qualified to be giving out advice on medical issues. The purpose of this article is to present an alternate viewpoint on the subject of ADHD / ADD. If you would like to read an article on this subject that was written by a professional, I suggest you Click Here.

I’m willing to bet that a large percentage of the entrepreneurs and marketers who are reading this article have considered talking to their doctor about potentially having ADHD or ADD (Attention Deficit (and Hyperactivity) Disorder).

You have been told for so many years that ADHD is a negative thing – so it’s understandable for you to consider calling up the family Doc to take a look under the hood and see if there is anything wrong with you.

However, I want to point out a few things that ENCOURAGE the ACCEPTANCE of ADHD within an entrepreneur.

How can ADHD be considered a POSITIVE thing, you ask?

Because for many entrepreneurs and marketers, their creative energy is fueled by this so-called “DISORDER.” You must realize that some of the most phenomenal business concepts, and marketing strategies, have been created by “ADHDers”.

Yes… There are many people who have negative experiences with ADHD. But for those of us who are running our own businesses, it might do us a bit of good to consider APPRECIATING this diagnosis that has been stereotyped as a “disorder.” Without it, you might lose your greatest superpower… The ability to create and manage businesses.

Now let’s FOCUS for a moment, and think about why this “Disorder” could be beneficial to the marketers and entrepreneurs who live with it…

ADHDers Have An Insane Amount Of Energy

“The doodoo is really gonna hit the fan if this presentation is not complete by 9am tomorrow! And we only have 15 hours to finish it!” “Yea… So what? Don’t you know I’ve got ADHD? I can turn this mother out in 15 MINUTES with all the energy I have.”

ADHDers Are Phenomenal At Multitasking

Have you ever walked by someone at their desk who is actively working on their computer, talking on the phone, filing papers, painting the next Mona Lisa, eating a Whopper, and changing a baby’s dirty diaper all at the same time!? Don’t be shocked by this person’s behavior… admire this display of ADHD greatness.

ADHDers Can Make The World Disappear

Have you ever heard someone say that they’re “In The Zone?” Entrepreneurs who have ADHD LIVE “In The Zone.” They are passionate about their projects, and often become immersed in them to the point that the clock on wall passes through eight hours when it only felt like one. Things get done when an ADHDer grabs hold of a task.

ADHDers, Literally, Experience “Brain Storms”

It would be impossible for a mere mortal to comprehend the amount of thoughts that run through the mind of an ADHDer during a given moment. Pretend that you’re in a lightening storm that is firing off hundreds of thought-bolts every minute… Do you think you could absorb and organize each one of those thoughts? An ADHD entrepreneur can.

ADHDers Invented The Concept Of “Thinking Outside Of The Box”

It’s damn near impossible for an ADHDer to keep all their thoughts in one single box. Their creativity naturally spills outside of the box where those thoughts can breathe and evolve into concepts of genius. If you’re ever in need of a brilliant business idea, just dial up an ADHDer and they’ll have one for you in no time.

ADHDers Love To Learn

When an ADHDer stumbles upon something that really interests them, they will learn everything about that subject in record time. An ADHDer who is “In The Zone” and “Thinking Outside The Box” during a “Brain Storm” can absorb new information very quickly. It’s unfortunate that these qualities can’t be directed towards subjects that bore ADHDers – Because they’d be all-around geniuses if they could.

ADHDers Are Info-Addicts

The mind of an ADHDer must always be stimulated. A single moment of silence, within the mind, will disrupt their mood into a state of boredom – and no one likes an ADHDer who is restless. If they aren’t creating, learning, or physically working, you can bet that they’re not too happy.

ADHDers Are Human Radars

An ADHDer can scan their surroundings and notice potential problems and opportunities in a matter of moments. You could say that these people are, most definitely, “Open-Minded.” This human radar allows entrepreneurs to manufacture all of their brilliant business ideas.

…So there ya have it. Isn’t it amazing how ADHD can seem like a positive thing when it is positioned in such a beneficial way?

I’ve considered discussing my ADD symptoms (I’m not hyperactive) with my doctor to see if medicine would be of any help to me; however, I’m not sure if that would be such a good idea anymore. The fear of losing the creative edge that fuels my entrepreneurial spirit, and marketing savvy, scares the crap out of me. I would be a poor, poor, man, if my passion for entrepreneurialism was stolen from me by a little pill.

BUT!!!… I could be totally wrong with my assumptions. After all… I’m an entrepreneur, not a doctor. So I’m going to investigate this double-edge sword a bit further, and get some concrete answers on whether or not I should seek medicinal help.

So the next time someone gives you hell about having ADHD qualities, just let them know how many creative geniuses are among us who have this so-called “Disorder.”

Wishing You Continued Success…

Brad Williamson

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  1. Actually, I got an email from Tellman Knudson back in March that dealt with this:

    The ADD Movie

    You should take a look at it.

  2. Amazing article!!!!!!!!

  3. Miami SEO says

    Internet Marketers, especially, are subject to “brain storm”. When you’re working with fifteen tabs, managing social media accounts, tweeting, and writing articles at the same time…the ability to shift thoughts quickly and coherently can make or break a marketing initiative.

    I love the format of this article. Adding this to delicious for sure. Thanks for the rundown.

  4. I have ADHD and have children with ADHD and I have more energy and can work longer than my partner.

  5. I also working with adhd.It is a complex term in the medical science, and invested my time do something well for the children who are affected in this serious problem.