Netflix Thinks I’m Naughty!

Today, I clicked on over to to see if my documentary about Allen Ginsberg was going to show up in my mailbox this weekend. Before I could click on “Your Queue,” I was greeted by a “Netflix Recommends…” window, that featured a documentary film about a man and his horse. Their love for one […]

Passion’s Purpose

What’s up kids! …You up to no good? …Glad to hear it : ) Lately, I’ve been poundin’ out some letters about Love and Life that are going to fuel an upcoming passion project of mine. Hopefully, it’ll make a few bucks; but more importantly, I want it to excite some emotions. I’m reaching out […]

Is Advertising About To Become Affordable? My Hunch Says… “Yes!”

I’ve got a hunch that the advertising rates bubble is about to burst. The average cost to advertise is absurd, and can only be afforded by the companies that have them dolla-dolla-bills ya’ll. All the while, the baby-faces of the business world have to struggle with cold calls and cheap promotional prostitution if they want […]

Roger Clemens Is No Longer A Player, He’s A Product

I’m starting to sound more and more like a bitter 90 year old who longs for “the good ‘ole days.” Today, I miss the Roger Clemens of yester-year. I miss when Roger Clemens was “Roger Clemens, the pitcher.” He worked a full 162 game season, posted stats that 10 year boys idolized, and walked with […]

Running (Branding) With The Wrong Crowd

Mama always said… “Don’t you be runnin’ round with the wrong crowd, ya hear. If you do, you just might land yourself in a big ‘ole mess of trouble.” Mama might need to get into the business of consulting companies on this very principle, because there are quite a few entities out there who are […]

Success & Failure

Success is all there is. Failure is Success misunderstood. There are only two entrepreneurial emotions… Success and failure. Ultimately, Success is all that exists; but for some reason mankind has decided to confuse the business-person’s mindset with the possibility of failure. Please believe the following truth before reading the rest of this piece… The illusion […] Product Review – A Beginner’s Perspective On SEO

(Note: This is a paid review for, which is a product that I’ve actually wanted to try out for a while now because I’m curious as to if it can effectively teach this novice about search engine optimization.) Ok, I’m about to throw my hat into the blogging game here in 2007 and I […]

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