75 Posts On What It Means To Be An Entrepreneur

Josh Steimle runs a creative agency in Salt Lake. I know Josh only slightly having met him on a few occasions in his agency and at Fight Club.

Before I met Josh I already knew of him from his blog DON LOPER.

Josh is regularly listed among Utah’s upward bound entrepreneurs and has obviously met with some successes. But reading his list I was able to relate to almost every point. (In fact, I used it for the first post on my Nimble blog.) Josh is turning his list into a book by posting daily on each topic.

The 75 post series on What It Means To Be An Entrepreneur is about the best I’ve ever read on the headaches of bootstrapping a start up.

Here’s a few topics:

13. You’ve averaged 60-80 hours per week of work for the past five years.

14. You’re the lowest paid employee in your company.

15. You’ve had dreams about your employees’ wives yelling at you.

16. You have to begin interviews of potential employees by saying “I need you to understand that sometimes I won’t be able to pay you.”

I’m more than tempted to rip of Josh’s long list book idea and write a series for physicians running a medical spa over on my medical spas blog.

Josh has it right when he says:

Sometimes “wise” people are merely the product of circumstances beyond their control, and idiots likewise. In the end will I be wise for having put my savings into my business, or will I be an idiot? Luckily I do have a large measure of control in the situation, but only time will tell. Unless you think I’m an idiot for even taking the risk, in which case you’ve already got your answer.

Jeff Barson

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  1. This one was pretty funny
    “27. When someone asks you what you’re doing this weekend you say “Working, of course, just like any other day.”

  2. Wow, some are just plain cruel — “69. You’ve tried to convince your wife to let you cut her hair”.

    Some are funny “59. You’ve slept on the floor of your office more than once”, though I like this one, I must admit I’m pretty much a geek within, and once I slept for 10 whole months in front of the computer. I did sleep on the floor a number of times.

    I would rather go through these things for five years and live a pretty well life the rest, than retire after 60 years of age still relying on pension.

    Very good list I must say…

  3. I couldn’t disagree with these more…

  4. This was indeed, as some have indicated, very entertaining, but there is also a certain amount of truth here. Being an entrepreneur often does mean long hours, low pay, and lots of headaches, but the payoff is so sweet!

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