7000 Company Histories In One Place

Trent Miskin sent me this link to Funding Universe’s 7000 company histories. While it doesn’t have everyone of interest (I couldn’t find Ebay, or Overstock), it did have PayPal and Amazon in the 7k. Here’s a snippet from the PayPal history: “In just eight months time, between January and August 2000, PayPal surged from 12,000 […]

The Micro VC Maddy Fund & Kiva Entrepreneurs

Kiva’s third world entrepreneurs will be receiving some VC funding this Christmas… in the amount of $100 from the Micro VC Maddy Fund. Kiva.org is a microloan site that lends money to third world entrepreneures to help their businesses and grow markets and economies. So… I’ve decided to facilitate this process and hopefully my daughter […]

Start A Business For $100?

Carolynn set herself a goal of starting a business with $100. Then she did it. She’s writing a blog of this effort at “The Hundred Dollars Business Blog“. The $100 business is a consignment kiosk at a local mall here in Utah. She got the vendors to sponsor her rent and provide the inventory. I […]

Blogging For Kids: Pony Tail Club, My Daughters New Business

Pony Tail Club: A girl and her horse blog. I have a number of businesses and consider blogging to be one of them. I don’t really use it to make money by itself, but to facilitate the operations of the real businesses. But, I do make a little from my blogs. My daughter Madison saw […]

Get Your Christmas Stocking Stuffed With $575 of Free Advertising

Paul Allen has a great post about all the current PPC promotions. Using the links below you can get a combined total of $575 worth of free paid search ads. MSN ($200), LookSmart ($300), and Ask.com ($50) and Enhance Interactive ($25 – nice landing page!). Ask.com $50 credit: sign up at sponsoredlistings.ask.com, and enter promo […]

Guerilla Marketing & Political Correctness

In a message that says no one can do anything that anyone can even comment on comes this: A great campaign for ‘Got Milk?’ that created the aroma of freshly baked cookies in bus stops around San Francisco was shut down due to ‘complaints’. City officials ordered CBS Outdoor, the company that holds the advertising […]

Unexpected Actions Attract Attention

Doing the unexpected will always attract attention. It’s up to you to make sure that it’s productive. A small restaurant looking for some positive press sent an email to a local blogger at The Amateur Gourmet. To call it a success would be something of an understatement. The restaurant treated the blog to dinner. The […]

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