#1: Goals And How To Stick With Them All Year

With the new year, our podcast is revived and have every intention of keeping it going through the year (and beyond). That’s the important thing isn’t it? Setting goals and wanting something for the new year is one thing. Taking action on it and keeping on doing it for the whole year is a whole other thing. What better way than to kick off our podcast talking just about that?

Join me (Lynette Chandler), Melissa Ingold of SpecialReportsClub.com and Kelly McCausey from SoloSmarts.com as we casually chat about:

  • Our direction for 2013 and how they come to be
  • Why you need a WHY and how it should change over time
  • How growth doesn’t always equal doing more
  • Branding consistently across your sites
  • Content Curation – this is awesome. We spent a bit of time on this but packed great tips into just a few minutes
  • Ways to keep your why, words and overall goals in front of you all year

Mentioned Resources

Mastermind group for women – SoloMasterminds

Kelly McCausey’s Smart Podcasting Skills

Lynette Chandler

Lynette Chandler

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Lynette Chandler


  1. Right click on download link, safe under 😉
    Looking forward to listening to it during workout this afternoon

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  3. GreenExtract says:

    Thanks for the brief but always needed reminder that being in business is constant learning and growing event.

  4. i always try to do that but i don’t know why i can’t stick to my plannings