7 Steps to Customer Service Success for Your Brand

7 Steps to Customer Service Success for Your Brand

customer serviceIf your business offers customer service, then you should know that treating your customers kindly and with respect makes all the difference in the world to your reputation and your bottom line. There is nothing worse than a dissatisfied customer talking badly about your business and the way they were treated by you—yes you because to them

YOU are your BRAND

It doesn’t matter that you are not personally there, the people representing your company represent you. Here are some tips to help you get your customer service associates up to par.

  1. Always ACKNOWLEDGE your client/customer.  Customers walking in your place of business should always get a smile, a hello and offer of assistance.   If you’re dealing with customers via phone or email.  Make sure to follow up and acknowledge you received their message as soon as you’re able.  If you don’t have the answer or solution right away – say so – and stay in touch until you do.
  2. LISTEN.  But even more important – HEAR what they’re saying.  This is probably the most important skill you’ll ever learn and it’s good for any situation. Once you hear what the customer is really saying then take steps to address the issue.
  3. Interact with the customer. ASK QUESTIONS so you can fully understand the real need. A customer may get frustrated because they don’t understand, feel unappreciated or aren’t satisfied.  Figure out what they need and give it to them.
  4. If you don’t have the answer or solution right away. ASK FOR HELP.  Make sure the customer understands that you will get the information they need as soon as you’re able.  If you’re dealing with a customer in person then make sure your actions follow your words.  Be happy to solve their problem.  If you’re interacting via email or phone- make sure your words reflect your sincere efforts of getting the solution to the issue.  Stay in touch & keep them updated until you have a satisfactory resolution.
  5. Insure that your customer service reps are TRAINED to treat your customers right.  Give them authority to take care of matters as they come up.  Have them keep a written log of each issue along with names, contact info, problem & solution.  This can be very helpful if the customer isn’t happy with the solution.  By keeping a log you can be sure that everything possible was done to correct any problems.  It will also be a great help as you’re creating or modifying policies & procedures.
  6. NEVER ASSUME anything about a customer by the way they dress, look or act. This is so true in customer service. Every customer is important regardless of looks, and making assumptions about customers beforehand will only backfire on you, and tarnish the reputation you are striving to create.
  7. If the customer service rep you have working with you just doesn’t seem to be able to uphold your high standards of customer service, Do Not Be Afraid to REPLACE them.

Your Brand Is You! Implement high quality customer service standards to help increase the respect of your brand.

Acknowledge, Listen, Ask Questions, Ask for Help, Train Your Staff, Never Assume & Replace when necessary.  Buy following these seven principles of customer service, you will be treating your customers with the care they deserve.

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Ken Chandler


  1. How often do people pretend to listen to us when they are NOT just hearing us. We don’t like this (and I guess our customers don’t too). Therefore, I totally agree with the point you made about NOT just “listening” but hearing your customers.

    • @Chimezirim Odimba Exactly. If we don’t do customer service on our own, our staff must be trained to understand the importance of being attentive and present.

  2. I had some training on how to exceed customers expectations in the hospitality business and apply that to my online endeavors.  I advise my clients to install a call widget on their site to provide “instant” service to a customer.  Plus, I advise them to go out of their way as online reputation could be a killer with all these online complaint sites.  I learned that you have to treat your customers as if they were family – cater to their needs right away and they will come back to “visit” – just like grandma and grandpa!

    • @cgozz1234 All those online complaint sites might be what saves your business if you approach it in the right way.Take advantage of of those complaining and listen to what they are saying about your business.Then fix it  by making them satisfied. If you can turn a dissatisfied customer into a happy one it will go along way.

  3. @millstax Most of us feel the same way. However at some time your business will start to outgrow what you are capable of dealing with all by yourself.It is better to have someone else trained to handle your customer service the way that you want it.

  4. I totally agree with all the point you stated here about customer service, i hope other people come across this post to help them all the way!

  5. morenodelucia says

    Nice and efficient costumer service makes a whole difference in the long term. The value that this builds in a brand is difficult to measure. Fantastic post, I specially liked the NEVER ASSUME and YOU are your brand. So if you want to change your brand you have to change yourself!

  6. Thanks alot. This article was I searching for. This helped great to understand the customer customer science. all of our team from http://com-names.blogspot.com appreciated it.

  7. Velocity_Local says

    Very well written! When you said “your brand is you” then it’s the same as saying “you are our greatest assent”, isn’t it? These are very helpful not only to those in hospitality business but also in general who wants to heighten social etiquette.

  8. i thing the most important is easy way to return some unwanted items or complaint

  9. i thing the most important is easy way to return some unwanted items or complaint

  10. Great article Ken! I agree, respecting and treating the customers very well will lead to success of your company. It’s so important that your customer service representatives knows how to approach the customers in the right way. Giving them the service that they deserved and making them feel special.

  11. Customer is the King of the market, as such there should be proper customer service support team available to solve the customer queries all the time, The company with proper and decent customer service support team can make wonders and create goodwill in no time in the market because the word of mouth spreads like fire in the big jungle if one tree catches the fire.
    Thanks for the great article.

  12. thank you for publishing an article really interesting

  13. Nice Sharing,,, When it comes to brand building, customer service is most important thing. Our customers judge us when we have messed up and they give us a second chance to make a good impression. Therefore it is not only a best way to build a brand but also essential to protect the brand.

  14. thank you so much for sharing such a informative blog with us your blog is really helpful for me getting more information about these services…………….

  15. Thanks! your piece of informative article will help me to deal with my customers in more interactive way

  16. Thanks for sharing this worthy article. It is quit helpful for the business owner to convert the business into the brand

  17. Thanks Ken, The fine post on customer service codes of conduct, I noted the points and will share it to my friends.

  18. Great article. To me the most important point  you mention is point six. People tend to assume to quickly the reason why a client is dissatisfied. Only by asking te right questions and listening very well to what your client is saying you can make a correct assumption of the cliënts motives.

  19. What a  good post! I worked as customer service rep before, i can’t agree with you more.

  20. thank you, for such useful points i will keep them in mind when i will be creating a customer care system for my website

  21. i m following your procedure. now i m reach 500 visitors per day.. thanks

  22. Leena Dasot says

    Hello, I didn’t want to judge you but I think this is the best advice on this topic. I will definitly check these things out. I love to be part of this blog. Keep writing. Thanks