Do You Suffer From Entrepreneurial Ignorance?

It’s amazing how us intelligent entrepreneurs can be so damn ignorant some times! Despite the brilliant business concepts that come out of our complicated minds, we entrepreneurial idiots still manage to royally screw things up at some time or another.

Now brace yourselves, as what I’m about to say might offend you…


“What? You talkin’ to me?! I ain’t no ignoranus!”

Oh but you are! I, Brad Williamson, am guilty of it… And so is every one of you!

Our problem is that, at some time or another, feelings of invincibility wash over us. We become so over-confident in our talents that we refuse, or ignore, necessary help from others. Why is it that we think we can do everything ourselves? I guess it’s because entrepreneurs have some kind of strange chemical imbalance in the section of our brain that regulates our business decisions. Drug makers… Are you listening? We entrepreneurs need a “fix!”

Until a miracle drug surfaces that controls our selfish entrepreneurial urges, we need to police our actions and make sure that we never earn the counter-productive title of “SOLOPRENEUR”. Contrary to popular belief, a true “Solopreneur” is, more often than not, an ineffective businessperson because they never accept, or search for, much needed guidance from others.

So how can we fight this symptom of “Entrepreneurial Ignorance?”

Stop acting like a “Mr. Know It All!”

Entrepreneurs are a confident bunch. So often, we ignorantly think that we’re experts at everything. And if an entrepreneur doesn’t know something… they’ll either guess, or perform half-ass research to stubbornly find the answer their self. Don’t get me wrong… I realize that reliance on one’s self is an important confidence to have; however, too much self-confidence can bite ya right in the butt if you don’t know how to effectively control it.

This planet is full of an array of different people for a good reason… So that we can join together in an effort to collectively make this world as great as it can be. If you feel that you’re unsure of how to approach something in the development of your business… REACH OUT TO SOMEONE FOR ADVICE! You will save valuable time, by getting your answer quicker – And you’ll decrease your chances of screwing something up, because the approach you THOUGHT was correct… ended up being totally wrong.

I realize that it’s fun to be a rebel entrepreneur who takes charge of every situation! That special feeling that you get as you go about your way, as a bizMAVERICK, provides you with a rush like none other! But let’s not forget to recognize, during our times of need, that we can benefit from the help of others. Try not to do everything yourself all of the time – And make sure to include others in your genius creations so that they too can share in the satisfaction of your accomplishments.

So remember… The single most effective home remedy for “Entrepreneurial Ignorance” is to welcome the aid and advice of others. …Doesn’t it feel great that you don’t have to suffer from this horrible disease anymore?

Wishing You Continued Success…

Brad Williamson

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  1. Hey Brad,
    I admit… I’m guilty of this too. It’s a form of huberous many strong headed (even intelligent) people have. I think this is a very important thing to recognise and take responsibility for in our lives – not just our business decisions.
    Good to see BizMAVERICKs is taking off… You’re branding it well.

  2. Robert…

    Thanks for the bizMAVERICKS compliment! I still have a lot of work to do with it, but things are really starting to come together conceptually.

    That blog of yours ain’t too shabby itself. Keep up the good work with it…

    Brad Williamson