30 Day Challenge Comes Every Year Thanks To Ed Dale


There are many people who have no idea how to make money online. You have a website up, and we use all the traditional methods of advertising, word of mouth, etc. The online world is SO different from offline.

If you’re a business with a brand and a message you want to grow, then there is no other place I think you should be this year than at the 30 Day Challenge.


Every year I look forward to the 30 Day Challenge because I know all year long Ed Dale and Dan Raine are busy testing, tweaking, and looking for the absolute easiest way to make a dollar online. But as Ed explains in his very first video he talks about how it’s not just about making your first dollar online, it’s about building a REAL business.

Now say you already own a business, and you have it set up taking orders right now. What if you could follow this challenge and seriously grow your reach?

The first part that I’ve seen so far talks about the basics you need to grow online.


Ed will break these 4 parts down for you and take you through what you need to do to grow your traffic, convert the traffic, and make some money. 🙂

You will learn CUTTING EDGE stuff to making money online all for Free.

I remember it was the first time I found Technorati, a couple of years back I learned about Flock, and last year was when I heard about Twitter. You can follow me on twitter here. There is much to learn and I know that Ed is testing all year long.

This by far is the absolute easiest way to create a brand new business and there are many people previously who have taken on the challenge and now are extremely wealthy because of it.

If you don’t have traffic, you will never see the full potential of what can happen. Enjoy the challenge this year! 🙂


  1. Vera,

    Thanks for the info – It’s embarrassing that I didn’t know who Ed Dale is 😛

    I’ve followed the link in your post and currently I’m learning about the 30 days challenge.

    Thanks again, Vera!

  2. Hey, no worries, Ed Dale is a super fantastic guy who is giving up alot of his time to share his info with us.

    I was thinking, oh how do I have the time to follow the challenge this year, but he could easily say, “how do I have the time to teach this year.” So, it takes way more effort on his part to bring this to us each year, we just need to watch, absorb, and learn.

    Enjoy the challenge, I hope it helps you build some good traffic to your site. 🙂

  3. Hi Vera,

    Thanks for this post. For some reason, I have actually “heard of” Ed Dale but can’t remember where.

    Anyway, you’re right, there are a ton of ways (many of which I’m just yet discovering) to make money online. I’ve made as much as $40,000 pure profit in one month with little effort to now struggling to make a couple grand a month.

    The difficult thing for me personally is finding an online business model that has “staying power”, if that makes sense.

    Anyway, thanks for the link to Ed’s site

  4. Hi David, thanks for posting. I think the best things we can do for ourselves is to build up programs that will pay consistently each month. So either promoting services that pay monthly affiliate commission or programs that you create and are charged each month to your customer. Building consistency is always my plan, even with the advertisers here most are now on a recurring billing cycle.