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Today I figured was a good day to update you on all that is happening around our home here on the small business landscape. Since taking over the site there’s been alot of production happening behind the scenes.

We’ve updated our Media Page to show you exactly where the buzz is coming from and it’s great for our advertisers to know that we are actively promoting the site.

We are also looking into some pretty awesome partnerships in the near future to expand our reach even further. First on my list is to call up to discuss some strategies that will benefit both of us.

At the same time, if you haven’t been by their site they also have a section for entrepreneurial women.


Recently I’ve been a part of 2 live events to promote the new Affilialte Center and our very first product that will launch very soon…. Get Brand Results you can sign up at the affiliate center to become an affiliate for the new product.  I spoke at the Moms Affiliate Expo and also sat on the Affiliate Panel where other moms who are wanting to start affiliate marketing or become a better affiliate asked us questions. The event was held in a virtual conference room and even had video when I spoke so if you were there you could not only hear, and chat with me, but you could see me as well. I thought it was cool.

The biggest highlight for me was listening to Lynn Terry.. I found Lynn years ago when I was sitting inside my store wishing to not be stuck anymore in my physical retail store.  Lynn is what they call a SUPER AFFILIATE and I got some great tips on how to better my affiliate promotions. Lynn got emotional about her own journey  which lead me to send some Twitter love over to her….

Lynn Terry Twitter Love

Which then was picked up by tweelings_en a twitterer who tweets all about feelings with over 50,000 updates!

btw… one of the best reports I’ve ever read is Lynns Fast Cash Strategy which I got completely free because  I`m a part of her Elite Networking Group. It`s worth it to be part of her group, Lynn is top notch with her advice. At the same time, its a hang out for me I love to see what others are chatting about and it`s a virtual home when I unwind. Just so you know, I`m not making anything on this recommendation, I did look for her affiliate program but I didn`t see it, I`ll have to ask her soon. In the meantime, I just couldn`t hold back this recommendation.

I will be re-visiting her Fast Cash Strategy because it deals with finding partners and nuturing the relationship to develop some serious sales for your business.

Over at the Product Sellers Seminar Ed and I spoke all about how to better brand your business when you are selling physical products and how you can easily differentiate and postition yourself from your competitors.

There was some great feedback from the events and I’ve also been working behind the scenes on our very own SBB Event. The funny thing is, I was planning it for well into next year, but it turns out when you have a great team things tend to get finished up pretty darn quick.

I`ve quickly discovered how much I love live events, I love the networking aspect, the immediate feedback, and the flat out fun of it all. I think Ed enjoyed it as well!


I`ve also been super busy with my latest website purchase Article Mojo, you`ve probably seen the ads I have rotating on the sides.  I have some pretty awesome clients there who are ordering hundreds of articles at a time, thank goodness I have a team in place. It really doesn`t matter if someone orders 1 article or 100, or even 1000 we have a system in place so we can handle anything! ( Note: we do offer major discounts to high producers 🙂 )

I was speaking with my good friend Nicole Dean, (who is the affiliate manager for Jimmy D. Brown) through instant messaging and we were talking about it. It`s funny how a close friend can see things you may not, and she told me that I need to coach business owners in systems since it`s second nature for me to create a system around everything that I do and can handle that type of production with only 1 assistant on the job.


Blog Mastermind – This weekend I`ll be looking over the Blog Mastermind Program and putting together my first audio review for those who purchased through my affiliate link.

Traffic Secrets 2.0 – I have gone through the first 2 audios for Traffic Secrets and 2 of the checklists… I can tell you that I LOVE the checklists. It makes it super easy for me to go through and check exactly what I need to do.  I have written down exactly what I want implemented it and have now outsourced it to my virtual assistant.

Product Launch Formula – Whoa baby this one is a doozie. I own the original PLF course and I studied it like a maniac and it did work in my scrapbook launch. 🙂 I will be visiting PLF 2.0 some more before I do my new launch here.

I also have more reviews on other programs that I`m currently taking but for now I will be focusing on Blog Mastermind and TS2. Oh and just lastnight I picked up Piggy Back Launches by Jimmy D. Brown to see what he had to say about product launches, some cool insights in there.


Well this is coming along slowly but surely. I don`t just want to throw something out there and hope for the best, when it does launch it will be a really good way for you to run the online portion of your business. I have secured some really wonderful partners who see the same vision as I do for SBB. Watch for more details to come on this.

I think that`s it for today, I just wanted to share with you all the happenings around here. I even put together this site quickly while I was writing this to be the home for all of my recommendations, I`m tired of having links here and there on different sites. I`ll have to work on getting that site a littler nicer but for now it fits the bill. There`s tons more coming and I`ll be sure to update you more often on everything. 🙂


  1. Vera, you’ve had a lot on your plate. Thank goodness for an entrepreneur with the vision and energy, to get the job done. You INSPIRE us all to get going, and just DO IT ! Jumping out of the box is something you’re good at.You’re not afraid to make business decisions, recognising it’s all part of learning and growing.I get excited to see all the opportunities SBB is offering now, and look forward to more in the near future. It’s good to see how often SBB offers new info.