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I really don’t know how I would ever live without Basecamp. I was going to put together a huge list for 2009 of all the great tools that I use like Aweber for my email list and Basecamp for all things business. Outsourcing Staff

As I was on Twitter tonight I mentioned how I my outsource staff and I were having another LOVE fest. Truly, I love the 3 main gals that work with me and when they get essentials back to me lickity split I usually let them know how much I love them.

Here’s how it goes….

VERA: Will you be able to get that report loaded for Monday?

STAFF: Ah yeah, that was done 4 hours ago, take a look inside the files section.

VERA: What?! I set the milestone for Monday and you’re done, it’s only Thursday today! Thank YOU!

STAFF: No, Thank YOU!

VERA: I officially LOVE you!

STAFF: We love you too!

(you know who you are ladies…)

I’ve tried to leave Basecamp and use just Google Docs or a ticket based system, but I have to say that I absolutely LOVE Basecamp too. It makes my business run so smoothly, it truly rocks!

By the way… did I mention I HIGHLY recommend Basecamp?

What about you, do you have LOVE fests (as I call it) with your outsource staff? We’ve officially had 3 of these since December. 🙂


  1. Great to see such enthusiasm and appreciation for one another. We too have found that when things are well organized and easily accessible – people perform better and are in a position to perform at a higher level.

    Interested to see that you had looked to move away from Basecamp and gave Google Docs a try. Smartsheet was recently described by one of our customers as the intersection between Basecamp and Google Spreadsheets.

    As 37Signals have done – quite smartly – we too have an affiliate program in place. However, incremental to the basic affiliate link, we also enable professionals to create and distribute their brand and content when someone signs up via one of their partner links.

  2. Mike Collins says

    Looks like a great solution for managing projects and following up on outstanding tasks. I always struggle to stay organized so this could be just what I need. Thanks!

  3. Yep, agree. Basecamp is awesome. 37Signals really do know how to make cool web apps.

  4. Mark – I always like to check out other options that would save me money and that’s why I looked at google docs and calendar to keep me organized, but I don’t like how small it is and it made more sense to me to keep basecamp mostly because I can set milestones for everything that I need done.

    Mike, Luke – Yes, I LOVE Basecamp and it will keep anyone organized.

  5. Yes, Basecamp is great. I have never been aware of it until I come to your blog.
    Thanks. It’s a great tool.

  6. Jerry, glad you found it. I love it.

  7. We could not do what we do without Basecamp. I have finally opened it up to Clients, all of whom appreciate what it has to offer.