Facebook Fan Page – A Quick Before & After

Facebook Fan Page –  A Quick Before & After

Recently I created a Fan page (I wish it was called “connect” instead) and I shared an article here about it.

Well little did I know that Nola Cooper from Classic Creations Design awarded me with a brand new, shiny,  fun (can you tell I like it?) Facebook Fan Page.

It amazes me how much just one graphic can change the mood of your business. It went from kind of boring to something fun and professional.

Here’s the Before:

Here’s the After:

I think it’s obvious how much nicer the second one is.  I’ve already noticed that I enjoy visiting it to post more often myself because it just “feels” super nice.

This will show you how good Nola is and how much she “gets” me.  All I said was, “do something nice that you think looks good, just make sure my logo is in there and maybe a laptop picture.”  That was it! I was so happy and it amazes me how much of my own personality is inside the picture itself.  I love “professional” stuff because I like to be professional at all times too.

Won’t you join me over at the Fan page?

I’m trying to think of creative ways to get more interaction.

Any ideas?


  1. ya the second one is much better..but facebook is getting upgraded day by day..and thats looks pretty good

  2. Wow this is great. I had no idea that you could do extra things like this on facebook. Did it cost you a lot to upgrade? Nice page 🙂