Small Business – Why Not BIG Business?


When it comes to competition, there are definitely a few tricks and tactics a small business can employ to look big. Why would you want to do that?  Size tends to instill confidence in consumers; if you’re big then you must be successful, right?  Well we won’t delve into that argument but what we can show you is how to make a small business look big online.

Change your sole proprietorship to an LLC

This is a minor change that can make a big difference. Your company name shows up in your online signature, your communications, and on your website and people notice. LLC stands for Limited Liability Corporation.

Get a good logo designed for your business

Branding and company identity are important to the success of any business and this singularly simple tool will help you create an image.

Make sure your website is clean and polished

A well designed website radiates professionalism. There are a lot of messy and unprofessional websites out there and then there are amazing websites that are clean, easy to navigate and jam packed with valuable content and resources.


Create a presence online with content. Be an active participant in content marketing. Make sure you have a wealth of up to date and valuable content on your website and network with other complimentary websites to provide content for them. Comment on notable industry blogs and offer value. When your company is all over the web, contributing to your industry, you look successful.


This is particularly useful if you outsource your virtual help and/or your bookkeeping and accounting help. You can give them names like “project manager” “customer service manager” “accounting department” and sound like you have a warehouse filled with cubicles and happy employees when in fact you have a few wonderful contractors who make you look good.

Upgrade your contact information

[email protected] doesn’t make you look like you’re from a big company. Most hosting package come with email addresses, use them. [email protected] looks much better. And the same goes for your telephone number. You can get a toll free number for a small fee each month – vanity numbers cost a little more but they can provide an image of size – 1-800-call-now!


Automate your phone service and your customer service with easy tools. Phones can be automated with a virtual assistant or by using a system like OneBox which screens, answers, and forwards calls automatically based on your preferences and settings. Autoresponder services, live chat and other automated assistance help customers and prospects get their questions answered quickly and it provides an image of size and responsibility.

There are many tactics you can use to make your small business appear like a fortune 500 company. However, remember to always take your customer in mind when making these decisions and taking these steps. If it enhances the user experience then great, if not, perhaps reconsider. It is, after all, all about your customer.


  1. I’ll add to that when you refer to your company say “we” instead of I. It can be defining for a startup.

  2. Well, small business are more flexible and adaptable and the current dynamics.

  3. I remember the days when everyone assumed you were a big business simply because you had a presence on the internet. It was seen as a gauge of how much financial clout you had even though you can build this

  4. oops, posted before I finished!! I meant to say ‘even though you can build yourself a site for next to nothing.

  5. Entrepreneur since an age of 22? Great job…wish I had the courage to do this.

  6. Goes without saying but always be positive about your business – so many people when talking about their businesses tend to say or have some small negative comments! Always be positive and talk your business up

  7. Vera- Great article! Thanks for the great information….

    “Create a presence online with content. Be an active participant in content marketing.”

    This such an important point…. Thank again, Brian-

  8. That’s a pretty smart strategy, given that people tend to pick a bigger company over a small one. But I think this only fits those adventurous marketers because we can’t deny the risks.

  9. Along with referring to your outsourced help with phrases like “Project manager” I think it’s important to be careful how you refer to yourself. Using terms like “Owner” can make you sound like a very small operation. Vice President Of Marketing sounds a lot better.

  10. If you plan everything, you can really safe both of your effort and time in dealing with your business needs. Outsourcing is one of the most important thing you need to do in order to meet your goals according to your time.

  11. This is all great advice.
    On the subject of “vanity numbers”, if you really want to go all the way, you can get a “virtual office” with an address and phone in an upscale-sounding part of a major city.

  12. I just wanted to add a point which is make your employees comfortable and rely on their performances so as to keep your company healthy..