Tishia Lee Discusses Working From Home

Tishia Lee Discusses Working From Home

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Tishia Lee took the plunge of working from home in 2006 and has never looked back. Tishia is the exact person I go to when I want transcription work done and boy is she fast!

If you’re looking to work from home and start your own small business you will find this interview to be very inspirational as Tishia is a single Mom and not only runs her business but she does it completely from home.

Tishia is able to live the lifestyle she wants and enjoys it.

Here’s More About Tishia:

Tishia is owner of Tishia Saves Time and takes pride in providing excellent customer service. Tishia knows that as a Virtual Assistant it’s about not just working with you as a VA but partnering with you to help you succeed in your business.

She offers several years experience in administrative support, transcription services, as well as other services. She is dedicated to meeting deadlines which she strives to meet ahead of time and pays close attention to detail.

Before starting her VA business in January 2006, Tishia worked as an Optometrist Assistant. While she enjoyed doing what she did, running a home business and working with small business owners to help make their businesses successful is what Tishia felt led to do. With dedication, determination, and perseverance, Tishia has built a successful VA business and continues to grow as time goes on.

To stay up to date and on top of technology changes and trends, Tishia is a member at Mom Masterminds, as well as several other forums and message boards.

Tishia is the proud mom to one child, a boy who is 10. They reside in Southern Michigan.


  1. Thanks again for interviewing me Vera. I really enjoyed the opportunity!

  2. Hey Tishia, it really was a wonderful interview and would love to have you back ANY time! 🙂

  3. Now a days it is being so important for every women and girl to be independent because women have power to managing her business and latest example of this is Tishia.

  4. Daretoconquer-entreprenuer says

    Tishia, I think it”s very good that you went out on your own. Many people get intimidated by the thought of success I do believe. I know I was at one time. It”s like my whole body would just freeze. Good luck and god bless.

  5. A very inspirational stories most especially to moms who want to work at home. In this way, moms can spend more time for her family while fulfilling their goals in life. Goodluck to all your endeavor.

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    I wanted to listen to this podcast during lunch today, but it is very unclear how to download it to a listening device. I see how to listen to it on sight, but that doesn’t help.

    I hope you fix that.