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(Note: This is a paid review for, which is a product that I’ve actually wanted to try out for a while now because I’m curious as to if it can effectively teach this novice about search engine optimization.)

Ok, I’m about to throw my hat into the blogging game here in 2007 and I can already tell that I’ve got A LOT to learn. Creating a successful blog requires much more than just a comprehensive understanding on a particular niche, and the ability to write beyond the skill of a 11 year old – You’ve also got to be a marketer and a internet expert to boot. Luckily I’ve got the marketing skills stashed away in my back pocket, but I’m far from being the web wizard that I need to be. Hopefully this program will make an expert out of me so I can go off and create the internet’s 2,923,299th blog that provides tips and tricks on search engine optimization., here I come! is a program that can help your site rank higher in the search engines, giving you more traffic and more conversions. They’ve got a 2 week trial period that you can use to investigate the ins and outs of the program, so I entered some basic information on their registration page and went to town. I was expecting to have to enter a credit card into their system, but they never asked for one. After the trial period, they kick in a introductory rate of $29/month – Let’s see if the program is worth the money to an individual who knows NOTHING about search engine optimization.

The first step in firing this up is to create a “New Project.” I entered some basic information such as the blog url, my name and phone number, and then clicked continue. After I clicked continue, I expected to see some sort of message that would point me in the right direction as to what I, as a SEO novice, needed to learn next. Unfortunately, no guidance was given and I was immediately instructed to “Create/Submit your XML Sitemap.” Now I know that most of you probably know exactly what that phrase means, but I don’t have a friggin’ clue as to what XML is – To me it sounds like an abbreviation for an extra-large pair of mens underwear, and I’m willing to bet that my assumption is incorrect. To combat my idiocy towards this term, I looked it up on Wikipedia and WHAMO… I’m now an expert on XML.

After that brief setback, I proceeded to take a look at all of the program’s functions. At first glance, of the main dashboard, many of the terms that are used seemed foreign to me – But it appears that there’s a short tutorial on each function as you dive into each element of the site. I’m proud to say that I now understand what a “Backlink” is! – Thanks SoloSEO! These tutorials alone, make me comfortable to say that this is a program that is worth two weeks of a beginner’s time with a trial run. In an internet age where you feel left out if you don’t understand everything that’s web related, it’s comforting to know that there are a few products out there that cater to beginners – And does just that.

Honestly, my review ends there. I could go into more depth on each function of the service, but I’d have all of you laughing hysterically at my inability to comprehend basic internet terminology. “What’s a “Keyword”??? Duuuhrrrr…” Yea, I’m an idiot with this SEO stuff now, but after seeing what I saw within, I feel that I’ll be a regular “Yaro Starak” in no time! The tutorials make the difficult seem simple, and that’s just what the doctor ordered for this digital dummy. So if you don’t know beans about backlinks, or can’t figure out how to find the best keywords for your blog about Bob Barker, then has the power to help you optimize your site to the point where it’ll be flooding with traffic in no time.

Wishing you continued success…

Brad Williamson

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