Does Online Advertising Really Work For Brands?

Does Online Advertising Really Work For Brands?

We all have this nagging feeling in the back of our heads. Is what we’re doing working? How would we know? It’s a fair question.

As a (very) small business with two partners, no employees and several freelancers, the question whether digital advertising works is a resounding yes. In fact, I can’t imagine advertising anyway else.

Online advertising is very friendly on the small-micro business budgets and it is immediately measurable. However, if you are a long time brick-mortar business or mid-sized business. I can understand the question. Here are 8 reasons why online advertising works, backed by research data.

As much a fan as I am on online advertising, I didn’t know about #1 and find it highly encouraging for consumer goods. Also, I think #7 is a path we’ve been traveling to for a while. I’m not surprised and we can’t ignore the trend. What do you think?


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  1. I think it’s pretty clear that digital is the way to go for most businesses. I say ‘most’ businesses because there are some niches that would benefit more from offline marketing.
    With that being said, combining on and offline marketing efforts really is how to optimise ROI, though not necessarily monetarily. Always remain aware of the benefits of driving people to your site through offline channels.

  2. It has worked for me. You just have to do it right and use effective techniques.

    • Yeah, like most everything else. I think it’s wise to get help or at least have a basic understanding first but at the same time, lack of knowledge should never stop us from trying. From my personal experience, advertising is one big ball of trial and testing.

  3. Yes, nowadays the internet is one of the best ways to advertise for a business, lots of people are using internet specially in social media. We are now facing in the future almost all the transactions are done by using the internet.