Who Needs You?

When you’re a solo entrepreneur or a small-business marketer, you can’t afford to blanket the airwaves with advertising, casting a huge net with the hopes of landing some fish.

Your outreach to potential customers has to be count. It has to be focused, well-targeted, and efficient.

Therefore, when determining your target audience, you should ask yourself a sequence of simple questions:

1. Who needs my product/service?

2. Who knows they need my product/service?

3. Who knows their need and can afford to purchase it?

4. Who, in that last group, can I actually reach?

That is your target audience. Everyone else may eventually become a prospect, but for now, only the last group is your source of business. Market to them, and you can succeed. Market to everyone, and you’ll likely fall by the wayside.

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  1. Thanks Steve…

    Your post reminded me of some basic things that i may not have given too much attention.

    But its great to know that I have to get back to basics and ask myself, “Who really need me?”.

    Richard Butler

  2. Very simply! I agree with you. But potential is very big

  3. Mark Allen Roberts new book, “Dnarb’s Journey,” is a must have for large and small business owners. I thought it might be of interest to you and/or individuals that read your blog.

    He wrote the book to help non-marketing strategists understand the root of marketing and the importance of positioning and branding. You can download the e-book at http://www.outbsolutions.com

  4. It is indeed a fact that you can’t just market to everyone and get great results. You have to know who your target market is and focus your time and energy in reaching that group, then you can hope for success.

  5. Great advice Steve – when I first started out, I tried to market to everyone and anybody. But, not everyone is in the market for your product or service and even if they are, they’re not always going to be your ideal customer.