What Motivates People To Buy?


One of the biggest challenges for business owners and marketers is to step out of their own shoes and slip into the shoes of the buyer.

You need to put aside your own bias and perceptions and always remember that when creating marketing messages, the bottom line is – you have to create the need in the potential buyer’s mind.

Always ask yourself — does my marketing answer the question:

Why should they exchange their hard-earned money for your product or service?

Having an understanding of the human psyche pays off here.  It sounds deceivingly simple, but all human decisions are motivated by one of eight things.

  • Time/convenience
  • Money
  • Recovering something lost (like youth)
  • Sex
  • Knowledge/self improvement
  • Security/safety
  • Comfort
  • Care of loved ones

Knowing this, how could you change your communications to better trigger a response from your audience?

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  1. Great thoughts Drew.
    In my world it is not that easy to THINK from another persons point of view which is absolutely necessary to come up with something of VALUE to them. It requires intentional laying down of my own paradigm so I can start with a clean sheet of paper and put together their paradigm without processing that through my own context

  2. Motivation to make people buy your products? Since I was also a buyer and a seller as well I was thinking of what are the benefits I can get from a certain product like does it have discounts? are there freebies? and etc.. the buyers wanted to get something in return from the product they have bought.

  3. No doubt…this is a topic that means we must put aside our own preconceived ideas and find a way (mkt research, surveys) of truly seeing our business from the consumer’s point of view.

    No easy task.