What Motivates People To Buy?

One of the biggest challenges for business owners and marketers is to step out of their own shoes and slip into the shoes of the buyer.

You need to put aside your own bias and perceptions and always remember that when creating marketing messages, the bottom line is – you have to create the need in the potential buyer’s mind.

Always ask yourself — does my marketing answer the question:

Why should they exchange their hard-earned money for your product or service?

Having an understanding of the human psyche pays off here.  It sounds deceivingly simple, but all human decisions are motivated by one of eight things.

  • Time/convenience
  • Money
  • Recovering something lost (like youth)
  • Sex
  • Knowledge/self improvement
  • Security/safety
  • Comfort
  • Care of loved ones

Knowing this, how could you change your communications to better trigger a response from your audience?

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Author: Drew McLellan (35 Articles)

Drew McLellan gets branding and marketing and he really wants you to get it too. So for the past 20+ years, he’s told stories, asked questions, and milked sacred cows. All to help clients discover their brand so they can create authentic love affairs with their customers. Considered a national branding expert, Drew is a highly sought after speaker and has given about a zillion presentations at national conferences, key note addresses, training for his peers in the profession, college students and even his daughter’s tenth grade class. Over the years, Drew has lent his expertise to clients like Nabisco, IAMS pet foods, Kraft Foods, Meredith Publishing, John Deere, Iowa Health System, Make-A-Wish, University of Central Florida, SkiDoo and a wide array of others. Today, he and his agency work primarily with BtoB clients who recognize the power of knowing and living your own story. Blog: http://www.DrewsMarketingMinute.com E-mail: drew@mclellanmarketing.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/drewmclellan Facebook: Drew McLellan